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Granny is a horrifying adventure game that enables users to explore their grandmother’s house. This game is similar to an extremely terrifying version of hide-and-seek. In such a game, you have to escape the house before she catches you.

Software description

Granny is an Action game from DVloper. In order to play this Android game on a user’s PC or Mac, a user has to install BlueStacks application. This helps users to have an immersive gaming experience.

This game is a thrilling game that keeps users on the edge of their seats. The game traps individuals in the Granny’s house and they must identify a way to escape. However, Granny is always alert, and she is hears everything. That is, if you make a lot of noise, she will come running.

In this game, the mission is to locate a way out of the house within five days. Although, this affair is not always easy. The players will have to be careful and quiet, and it is advisable for them to avoid making any noise. This can alert Granny to their presence. Also, users can hide in wardrobes, or under beds to keep out of sight, but they will need to be fast, and quiet. This is important as it helps users to avoid being caught.

As the players navigates the house, they will identify clues that helps them to find a way out. However, it is important to be careful since Granny has put up some traps all over the house to catch anyone who attempts to escape. In such a game, users may use their wits and their stealth to evade traps, and navigate their way to freedom.

The application has important features. For instance, there are more places to explore. Furthermore, there a second route to runaway from the Granny’s house. Besides, there is more practice difficulty, and more vital items to find. When the Granny gets shot with the shotgun, she disappears for a little longer. Currently, she owns a pet now. Also, there are no bugs.

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