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Windows 11

Software description

The days of .NET 2.0 are long gone and the current .NET framework is quite different. So it’s time to put Greenshot on a healthy diet and cut away everything that’s either not absolutely necessary or has some potential to cause trouble.

The new Greenshot goes cross-platform, and, Greenshot 1.x is a classic desktop application. It will work on both, Windows and Linux and although it isn’t that fancy, it works well enough.

Greenshot is a popular screenshot tool that is simple to use. To take a screenshot, press the Print Screen key, then select the area for the screenshot, annotate it if needed, and save it. You will find the tool very useful if you need to take many screenshots of the same area.

Greenshot also allows you to configure hotkeys, so you don’t need to use the Print Screen key, which is disabled when you are in a game. It supports all common image formats and even allows exporting to HTML, and it also allows you to take screenshots, draw annotations, and upload your screenshot to over 30 different file hosting services like Imgur, Flickr, and so on.

How to Get It

Greenshot can be downloaded directly as a standalone installer from its home page. Downloading is quick and it’s also possible to directly run the 32-bit or 64-bit setup executable. Once installed, Greenshot runs without further complications.

How to Use It

At first glance, Greenshot looks like any other screenshot tool, but features are available which are not covered by many other tools. The software is not really a full screenshot creator, but a screenshot enhancer. Basic functions like annotate and highlight are included, and Greenshot only requires minimal installation.

You can use the Ctrl key and drag the mouse to select a rectangle. You can also drag the selection rectangle after starting the capture process. Now you will see a preview of your screenshot. You can always cancel the capture process by pressing the ESC key at this time.

You can use the software from practically anywhere that you want to, including a USB flash drive and removable devices. For example, you can walk over to a coworker’s computer and use it to take a screenshot, or drop files. Featuring a lean and clean interface that provides only the most important and frequently used options, screenshots is a tool that I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of. If you’re in search of a light, simplistic and fast tool that can capture what you need, give Greenshot a try.

Image Editor

The image editor allows you to apply several effects to your screenshots. This can be used for instance to highlight a certain area of the screenshot. The cursor becomes a brush when the image editor is active. Left-click to apply the effect, right-click to remove the effect. Greenshot comes with a bunch of predefined effects, but unfortunately, no way to define your own. The effects are applied to the screenshot you captured when the image editor is opened. This means you can use multiple effects on the same screenshot by opening the image editor multiple times and applying another effect to the same screenshot.