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iPhone Backup Extractor is a well-known name for iPhone users. You can install it on Windows or Mac systems to recover data from already stored backup. Whether your iDevice is lost or data is deleted by mistake, you can quickly recover it via suitable options.

Software description

Managing files on your iPhone and iPad devices can be quite a chore. Since Apple isn’t so open with the idea of touching files and system configuration, it can be quite a challenge. Thanks to many bright minds throughout the years, now there are workarounds to bypass Apple’s walled garden.

Great use of these workarounds is in the form of applications that act like iTunes but with more features. A great application to transfer and backup files from your Apple devices is iPhone Backup Extractor. It is available for both Windows and Mac. Try it out and purchase later.

Highlight features of iPhone Backup Extractor

  • Supports the latest version of iOS and iPad OS
  • Compatible with iCloud
  • Supports iTunes backups
  • After-sale customer support
  • Transfer photos
  • Export iMessage data
  • Recover corrupted or deleted data

iPhone Backup Extractor – Major functionalities

Supports the latest version of iOS and iPad OS

iPhone Backup Extractor supports the latest iOS and iPad OS versions, so your devices will benefit from its great features. It is compatible with older versions of iOS and iPad OS. Currently, it works with devices running the latest iOS and iPad OS 14 beta. Rest assured, it will protect your data and files no matter what device you’re using.

Compatible with iCloud

iPhone Backup Extractor can work with your iCloud account. You can save and download backups on your iCloud easily. Also, it supports two-factor authentication, so you can still access your protected accounts. Similarly, you can save data to your iCloud using iPhone Backup Extractor. It’s a more open tool compared to Apple’s limited iTunes. Download it right now!

Supports iTunes backups

Not only that it supports iCloud backups, but it also is compatible with iTunes. If you’re done dealing with iTunes‘ shortcoming, you can import your backups on it to iPhone Backup Extractor. By doing so, you will not lose your data and files when transferring to a new backup system. Indeed, it’s a fantastic tool for what it is.

After-sale customer support

After purchasing iPhone Backup Extractor, you can expect excellent customer support. Are you having trouble using the program? Can’t manage to install it? Contact us, and we’ll deal with you right away. We love our users as much as we love our product. We strive for customer satisfaction. After all, we all want the same thing, back up our precious data.

Transfer photos

Transferring photos is very easy to execute using iPhone Backup Extractor. Like copying a photo on your Apple mobile device, iPhone Backup Extractor will automatically detect all saved images and transfer them to your computer. After transfer, you can keep these files into a different storage device or upload them to a cloud storage account to be sure.

Export iMessage data

If you want to treasure your conversations with your family and friends, you can back them up to your computer. It will retain all details of a conversation, such as stickers, mentions, timestamps, and many more. Besides, you can print messages to make sure you have enough copies when you lose them on your device.

Recover corrupted or deleted data

If your data is corrupted, you can recover them using iPhone Backup Extractor. Moreover, if you accidentally deleted a file, it is still recoverable using this fantastic tool.

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