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JetAudio is a popular music player for Windows and Android that comes with a variety of features, including EQ settings, skins, and playback speed control. It also has some powerful tools for managing your music library. If you’re looking for an all-in-one music player with plenty of options to customize your listening experience, JetAudio is definitely worth checking out.

Software description

For users who want to play back a wide range of audio files on their Windows PC or Android device, JetAudio can be a useful application to have. This software helps users play back audio files easily and effectively. If you want to learn more about how this app might be helpful for you, as well as what features make it unique, keep reading below.

What is JetAudio?

JetAudio is basically a shareware application for media playing. It’s designed to work on Windows and Android devices, so it can be kind of limited for users. Still, this software has withstood the test of time in popularity. It’s been on the market since the mid-1990s and it’s been a staple for users of media players ever since. It boasts popularity as the number one most downloaded app in the media management software category, so its developers must be doing something right with it.

What does JetAudio do?

Beyond playing music and other media files, this software has several different other tasks it can accomplish. It can assist users with editing metadata, ripping content off of compact disks and burning content onto compact disks, converting data, facilitating radio broadcasting on the internet, and recording audio. The software also has many different sound effects that users can use to enhance the audio they are editing.

What are the system requirements of this software?

To use this software, users will need to have either Windows operating systems or an Android operating systems on their devices. Mac users, Linux users, and iOs users are left out of using this software, unfortunately.

How much does this software cost?

For basic personal use, this software is free to users. For commercial users such as music studios or those who want a wider range of features, the app costs just under $30 at the time of writing this for the “Plus VX” plan. Upgrades to the Plux VX plan are free of charge to existing users of the plan.

What plans does JetAudio offer?

JetAudio offers two plans: a free Basic version and a professional Plux VX version that can handle larger, more intensive commercial usage.

What are the differences between JetAudio Basic and Plus VX versions?

The main differences between the Basic Plan and Plus VX plans are the features between the two. With the Basic plan, users can rip audio from compact discs. They can also convert digital audio files into large file formats that are supported by the software. What’s more, users are able to record sound from a range of sources to use in projects. Additionally, users of the Basic plan are able to burn music and more onto compact discs. Users can also convert and encode video files on the Basic plan, but these files are limited by the 30 seconds or less in length requirement.

The Plus VX plan includes all of these features listed above with more features added for commercial users. In the Plus VX plan, users can encode and convert video files that exceed thirty seconds in length. They can also encode Mp3 files easily. The special sound effect pack, also known as the BBE pack, in the paid plan can be useful for those who edit audio professionally or personally. With enhanced sound features, the Plus VX plan allows users to get audio sounding the best it can. The Plus VX plan also includes recording features such as silence detectors and equalizing.


JetAudio is a music player with a lot of features. It can play almost any type of audio file, and you can customize how it looks and works to suit your needs. If you’re looking for an all-in-one music player that does it all, JetAudio is worth checking out.

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