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Kontakt Player enables you to compose music by combining various different instruments. It is actually the compact version of a full featured sampler tool which is known as Kontakt 5. It is a free music sampler that is published by Native Instruments Company.

Software description

Creative music nowadays can easily be found on the internet. Aside from accessibility, you can also make one yourself using Kontakt Player. Kontakt has been in the music industry for almost a decade now, used fondly by musicians and sound professionals alike. If you’re planning to test the application first, you can download the Kontakt Player which is a free version of the paid class of Kontakt 5. However, the contents and features that are available in the free version fairly differ from the paid version, evidently. There are many libraries with subcategories that can only be found in the paid version of the Kontakt Player.

Kontakt has been the music industry’s standard when it comes to virtual sampler of Native Instruments. It has revolutionary instruments which are totally sample based, constructed on an incredible audio engine and superior modular design. Kontakt Player is an application that is widely available for all that hosts a wide variety of instruments that are primarily sample-based by Native Instruments, but can also use a third-party products that are made for the platform.

Right at the start of using Kontakt Player, six different audio modes of playback that differently process audio. One is the customary sampler mode that plays back audio from memory. Another one is the time machine mode which has time machine 2 mode and time machine pro mode, all of which allows you to change the pitch of the audio without affecting the playback speed.

There is the tone mode which also allows you to change the pitch of the audio without affecting the playback speed, but it sounds a little on a grainy side. Beat machine mode is somewhat similar to the time machine pro mode in which you can also change the pitch of the audio independently with the playback speed, preserving your the overall quality of the audio.


It is free to download but has limited features and libraries.

Sounds Included

A total of 50 instruments included which is 500 MB in size.

Creator Tools

Not available in the free version.

Kontakt Instruments

Some samples are available.

Third-Party Instruments, Unlicensed Libraries


Quick Search


Ample Instrument Editing

Only have 15 minutes in the free version.

Tools For Editing, Intuitive Looping, Slicing

Not available in the free version.

Integrated Sample Editing

Only have 15 minutes in the free version.

Full Recall and Automation In Audio Host


High End Effects (33)

Only have 15 minutes in the free version.

High Quality Filters (57)

Only have 15 minutes in the free version.

Script Processor Editor

Only have 15 minutes in the free version.

Whatever the level of your experience or your knowledge in programming, your needs in processing sample are definitely covered. You can enjoy Kontakt Player creating sounds and music that would elevate the emotion of your listeners. If you want to further your musical genius inside you and would want to try all the other features and libraries that are not on the free version, I would highly suggest you purchase the paid version and go beyond the limit of your imagination in creating fantastic music.

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