LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer Download

Lego Digital Designer is a fun program that allows users the experience of building a Lego model from the ground up. It gives access to the library of Lego brick shapes and colors and renders the design created in three dimensions for you to share. At its core, Lego Digital Designer is CAD software that uses Legos as the building and source materials. 

Software details

mac / Windows 11

Software description

Lego Digital Design Basics

This design program works the same way as a CAD program. It allows the initiation and creation of Lego masterpieces from the software created by Lego. At one point, you could build and share these designs on the website and even order your design to be customized from your design into a physical representation. It was great to teach engineering and spatial awareness to kids.

Choosing a Build Mode

You can choose between three preset build modes when you start the software. Each mode uses a different way of initiating and completing the building process.

  • Digital Design Mode – allows full access to Lego brick sets, gives you hypothetical pricing, and is where you can make designs to be purchased.
  • Mindstorms Mode – gives access to one NXT kit worth of specific pieces and has a limited amount of potential for project building.
  • Creator Mode – has all the pieces that you will find when using the Lego Creator style of building set.

Which mode you choose to use will set the tone for the things that you will be able to create using the Lego Digital Design Software.

The Brick Palette

The brick palette is where you choose your Lego pieces from once you have selected a build mode. You are allowed to choose as much as you want. This palette contains specific buttons that indicate the way that parts have been organized. These buttons are fairly straightforward commands and has the:

  • collapse dividers button
  • hide colors button
  • box filter button
  • color filter button
  • remove filters button

Each of these allows the designer to customize their experience and their Lego build. Change the colors, the height, the orientation, you name it.

Designer Tool Box

The tools used in Lego Digital Designer are also very simple, which makes this an application most people can use. The tools include select, clone, hinge, paint, and delete. They are just as they appear to be making it easy to create.

More Build Modes

The tool box also offers you more build modes to further customize your brick creation. Build, View, and Building Guide mode all become available as ways that you can help improve a structure when something is not quite right. This is a great tool for finalizing the project.

Discontinued Designs

Unfortunately, the last update for Lego Digital Designer came in 2019. On January 31, 2022 the good people at Lego made this program no longer available for download. They cited quality issues with the software as the reason for closing it down for good.

A Fond Memory

Now, though it exists only as a fond memory, Lego Digital Designer will be cherished as the coolest digital way to play with Legos. Luckily, the Lego heads have come up with another similar style of brick building game to replace the original. Lego claims it is a better, easier to use way to build, but the original still has a place in the hearts of so many Lego fans.