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MediaMonkey is an advanced media player that efficiently runs a wide range of audio files in high quality and adjusts the sound volume in the most suitable way.

Software description

MediaMonkey is the management system for those who are serious collectors. Giving you the resources to organize over 100,000 files from any genre of music, audiobooks, and even movies. You can convert your Iphone, Android or other device for easy and convenient access. This media management software offers may tools and features to help you have a new and unique space for all your media content.

Manage all of your media with MediaMonkey . You can can manage a massive movie and/or music library with up to over 100,000 audio or video files. From all types of music to podcasts, audiobooks, and movies, tv or home videos; no matter where they are located (hard drive, CDs, a network)you can organize them here. Your organization options vary by genre, rating, artist, date, and so on, with the ability to browse or search. No more needless scrolling and frantic searching.

Immediately identify tracks or movies that are missing information, whose tags had not synched or have duplicated. MediaMonkey allows you to fix tags with an auto look up and tagging of the lyrics or some album art.

Search for CD information via CD Text, or Freedb, and find those missing details through a music related site like Discogs. You can update tags swiftly and with accuracy. Easily tag the music with industry standard formats. Included are Mp3 and Mp4 tag editor, AAC tag editor, OGG tag editor, APE2 tag editor, RIFF tag editor, and WMA tag editor. Update your tracks with drag and drop or use the categorize toolbar to efficiently set ratings, mood, and many more options.

You can organize and rename files on the hard drive. No more disorder, MediaMonkey will organize your media into file names and folders of your choosing. Follow that with an easy playlist create capability by drag and drop. From personal to professional MediaMonkey will surpass your needs.

Using File monitor you can promptly update your music library or movie collection to mirror changes on your hard drive or network. Any time you add or delete something in another application it will immediately update on MediaMonkey.

Sync with most devices such as android, Iphone, Ipad and many others. You can sync video and audio files, and related content like ratings, album art, play history, and playlists. You can also share files with a variety of devices. Simply choose which of your collections you want to share and your content will immediately become available.

In addition you are also able to record and convert media to your hard drive. Burn audio CDs by selecting any audio content that you desire and quickly creating your own customized CD. Offering jukebox mode allows users to make personal requests without your library being modified. There are visualization plugins to add funky effects. It does not stop there. You can also customize your digital media space skins, plug ins, and other add ons making your space unique to you. More so you can organize your content into charts and create statistics. There are so many options and features with MediaMonkey ensuring your own unique experience.

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