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Microsoft Visio is an application from Microsoft. It enables drawing a variety of diagrams. They include org charts, flowcharts, flow plans, business process etc. The application is available in English, and other native languages.

Software description

Microsoft Visio refers to a software for creating multiple complex diagrams. The platform enables communication of complex information through data-linked diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, and more. It offers a range of pre-built templates that you can modify, and customize depending on business needs.

You can also use it for data visualization, brainstorming, creating UML diagram and org charts, process mapping, and IT network mapping. The Visio stencil functionality allows users to create shape stencils they can use to speed up the creation of drawings and professional diagrams.

Microsoft Visio has a number of remarkable features. For instance, the web, and app versions enables you to create, and edit diagrams from the Browser, or desktop, and save in the cloud. Microsoft users are capable of viewing, printing, and sharing diagrams, as well as inserting comments. With this application, users can apply rich formatting to text, and shapes. Editing qualities such as more colors, gradients, effects, and styles. These are available for the web version of Visio, and in the desktop application.

Additionally, Microsoft Visio allows you to embed flowchart, and diagrams into Microsoft Power BI dashboard. The app also had connections with real-time data sources. This enables diagrams to automatically update whenever there are changes at the source. Moreover, it permits you to develop org charts, flow charts, diagrams, floor plans, engineering designs, and so on through the use of drag, and drop editor.

Microsoft Visio has general drawing tools to accommodate any functional needs you may have. You have the complete flexibility of getting productive quickly using standard templates. At the same time, the all-round drawing tools help you to customize the diagrams to your unique and specific needs. Microsoft Visio is a very popular, reliable, and stable diagramming tool. Besides, it offers access to OneDrive to store and view diagrams from anywhere online.

Microsoft Visio allows users to edit and comment on diagrams in real-time. The presence indicator of Visio shows where your co-author is working on the diagram. Microsoft Visio is cross-browser compatible, which means you can access the application from any browser.

The software has Shape Sheet Intelligence, which helps to complete formulas as you type them. The backstage view feature of the app allows you to view your diagram even when you are creating them. The application also works perfectly on touch-enabled devices. Pan and zoom functions are available to view shapes and diagrams with great accuracy. Customize diagrams for background color, transparency, size, resolution, etc. And save them in JPEG and PNG format.

Apart from the benefits it offers to its users, it also has some challenges. For instance, the app does not allow offline viewing. Microsoft internet demands an internet connection, as well as an internet browser. To view, and edit a diagram while offline, you need to install the Visio desktop application on your computer. The app automatically updates the changes on your diagram online.

Also, you can download the offline copy of the diagram. Though, this will not sync with the online version. In addition, when you save your diagram in a SharePoint document library, or OneDrive for business; this means your diagram is online, and you can share it by sending a link.

With Microsoft Visio, users can assign hyperlinks to shapes of diagrams that redirect to an external link, other pages, or email address. Users can export the diagrams into word documents automatically. Apart from the advantages it offers to its users, it also has some limitations. Users looking for real-time functionality and extensive presentation features may find it unavailable when using Visio. In the same connection, users with less powerful hardware systems may experience performance issues.

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