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Moho Pro is a powerful and affordable animation software that can help you create high-quality animations. The software offers a wide range of features to make the animation process easy and fun. If you’re looking for an animation software that will allow you to unleash your creativity, Moho Pro is definitely worth considering.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

Moho Pro is a powerful yet simple-to-use 2D animation tool that allows its users to create their own characters. Moho Pro’s advanced technology is perfect for making quality and professional-looking animations. If you want a tool that delivers super fast results, Moho Pro is what you need. It is also the leading animation tool for professionals everywhere.

What Are The Features of Moho Pro?

  • Rigging System – This powerful system allows you to rig your characters fast. You can create and interchange skeletons, copy, paste, and literally make the character come to life.
  • Drawing Tools – This optimized tool lets you draw within the software. You can also use the flexible tool to animate with brushes for a more natural look.
  • Smart Bones – Control how the characters behave with revolutionary smart bones. You can bend the character in all directions without distortions and also control facial expressions. With smart bones, rotation is a cinch. The elements are very easy to set up the way you want.
  • Lip Sync Tools – Once voice files are downloaded, the lip sync tool animates the mouth so you can control it to your personal preference.
  • Wind Dynamics – Control wind turbulence in your scene. Make trees, plants, and other items in the background blow.
  • Animation Automation – This tool allows you to make objects bounce and move off a character. You can create a group of geese taking off for flight, or rocks bouncing off a character. The dynamics will help you achieve the results you need.
  • Photo Shop Import – Bring your animations alive with Photoshop, MS Paint, and other applications. You can save it and import it later.
  • 3D Space and Camera – This tool allows you to rotate the layers within the space. You can use the camera to control the 3D multiplane effect. Import objects or even add your own to give the software a different look.
  • Automatic Mesh – The mesh is a powerful tool that lets you draw details and let Moho take it from there. It is as simple as adding the four points along with your own pictures and illustrations.
  • Moho Community – This is vital for beginners or any individual who needs help with the software. The Moho community is pretty large and you can learn a lot from other users. In the forum, you can exchange experiences, ask for advice, and get feedback. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the information.

What Are The Pros of Moho Pro?

This software has many features and a visual library to make your start up easy. If you have problems, you can find a lot of online help from devoted users. All in all, Moho Pro is comparable with similar software like Adobe Animate but at a lower price. Additionally, the ease of this software makes it user-friendly for beginners and advanced animators alike. While the $399 price tag isn’t exactly cheap, it is a pretty good deal considering the quality. Take advantage of the tips and tutorials to get off to a fast start.

What Are The Cons of Moho Pro?

Yes, the software is easy, but it is still considered professional grade. This could be a little intimidating to the casual user and take a little while to adapt. Once you get the hang of the software, you should be fine. Although the software is high quality, it doesn’t quite reach the level of TV Paint when it comes to flexibility and drawing capabilities. The parent company Smith Micro still has a little ways to go to improve some weaknesses. Individuals who may not want to fork over four hundred bucks may opt for something cheaper, like Anime Studio Debut.

What Are The System Requirements?

This can be used for both Windows and MacIntosh. The technical requirements vary depending on which is used. You should look on the back of the software packaging to find out what is compatible.

Is Moho Pro Good For Beginners?

While some reviewers have said that this software is simple to use, some may disagree. If you have absolutely zero experience in animation, you may find it a challenge. But if you have dabbled around with similar software, it will likely be easy. Keep in mind, if you get stuck on something, you can seek out help from the online forum. There is also a guide book that comes along with the software that you may find useful.

Can Moho Pro Be Used For Educational Purposes?

More and more schools are using the Moho Pro in classrooms to help students interested in animation. In fact, a lot of trade and technical schools are using the software to prepare students for future jobs in animation. Additionally, educators who are interested in adding the program to their curriculum can receive a deep discount off the price.

Moho Pro is a powerful tool that allows you to illustrate, create drawings, and even animate videos and films. The state of the art features will help your projects look professional and polished. There are no limits to the things you can create. Imagine the possibilities with Moho Pro.