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Movavi Screen Capture can be extremely useful in creating online tutorials, to make presentations or also to fix problems from a remote location. Digital comments can also be written in. One of the downsides of this application is that the files that’s are recorded cannot be exported from this program without it being converted first to one of the many file format options that are available.

Software description

Capturing screenshots of your video has never been such a breeze, thanks to Movavi Screen Capture. This is truly a great screen recording and video editing tool. This powerful application allows users to capture streaming music and video from web pages, helps you freeze moments of your favorite video call by preserving it. Your gaming experience and interactions in apps can be recorded and saved for future use. Any screen capturing task can be easily done using Movavi Screen Capture and this makes it the leader in the market.

Operating systems that Movavi Screen Capture relies on are Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7,8, 10 with at least an Intel processor or a 1GHz AMD. For an optimum performance you would require an i7 as Movavi uses up each core for accelerating the recording speed of the videos. In addition to this, you would need at least 32-bit color 1024*768 display resolution and a free hard disc space of 50MB. Movavi’s user interface is pretty simple and straightforward. The main window has multiple features like capture, effects, tools, audio, screencasts and help options. The select feature allows the use to select the area that needs to be captured whereas the rec option allows you to begin recording the desired visual content. High quality images and video can be captured and recorded. This software gives its user the freedom to define parameters like display resolution, the size of the screen that needs to be captured and also lets the content to be shared online.

It is very easy to capture a still frame using Movavi. Options like widescreen, full screen and standard are among a few or the screen can be manually selected by dragging the rectangle with the mouse and the capture button can be clicked for capturing the frame. Video capture can be done by selecting options like capture screencast, capture online video or capture game from the screencast drop down menu. After selecting the desired display portion all you need to do is to click on the select option in the capture segment. However, the game mode allows only for full screen selection and select button is unavailable. Recording audio is also quite simple. Select the recoding source then check the audio checkbox. Once the parameters are set all you need to do is click on the Rec button. Video editing is another feature of this software. Files can be trimmed and then joined back to shorten the length of the recording. There are several features can be added to achieve the desired appearance. Title and music can also be added.

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