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MPlayer is a popular software for running a lot of audio and video file formats. It supports live streaming of videos from a few sites and provides you a great entertainment experience with various features.









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If you’re looking for a cross-platform media player, then you should take a look at MPlayer. It is a free and powerful media player that is packed with many features and functionalities. It is available for many platforms, so almost everyone can enjoy using it.

The most common resolutions and media formats are supported, so you don’t have to worry about incompatible files. Also, it accepts and plays content extracted from classic discs such as CDs and Blu-ray. Moreover, if you’re watching movies, you’ll be happy with MPlayer. Not only that’ll play your videos in the highest resolution possible, but it also allows you to download subtitles without leaving what you’re watching.

MPlayer – Key Features

  • Supports most common media format and resolutions
  • Compatible with classic disc media files
  • Built-in subtitle downloader
  • Supports most streaming protocols
  • Available for almost all audio and video codecs

MPlayer – Major features and functionalities

Supports most common media format and resolutions

MPlayer supports the most common media formats and resolutions. It is guaranteed that your content will play smoothly on it. Enjoy media files with resolutions ranging from SD up to 8K. You can watch and listen to all sorts of media formats such .mp4, .3gp, .avi, .mp3, .flac, and many more. Rests assured you don’t have to worry and start playing right away.

Compatible with classic disc media files

MPlayer is compatible with the widely used media formats extracted from classic discs. It supports discs such as CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and even Blu-ray. Please don’t throw away your old discs lying around; extract them and enjoy them on MPlayer. You can also convert these media files into different formats to make them more compatible with other devices and applications.

Built-in subtitle downloader

Watching movies on home entertainment systems and devices has become the norm nowadays. When watching a movie, sometimes, you want to have a subtitle as a reference for understanding character dialogues. It can’t be denied that acquiring subtitles can be quite a chore. You have to look for subtitle files on many subtitle sharing websites manually. Sometimes you get the best version, but there are times when the text isn’t synced with the audio. You have to extract these files since it’s usually compressed and move it into the media folder. Lastly, you have to select and enable it from the player.

Mplayer simplifies the tasks of having subtitles for movies. You can download subtitle files directly from the app. It will automatically scan the web and identify the best version available. You can then quickly download it, and it will automatically play. Above all, it has a subtitle sync control so you can adjust subtitle delay.

Supports most streaming protocols

Mplayer supports streaming content across different protocols. You can watch media files over the internet or from a network without quality loss, given your internet connection is strong enough. In detail, it supports the following streaming protocols:

  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • MMS
  • MPST
  • MMST
  • RTP
  • RTSP
  • SDP

Available for almost all audio and video codecs

You can play media files with all sorts of codecs. It doesn’t matter what type of audio or video file you have; MPlayer will play it smoothly. It supports some of the most popular media codes available:

  • MPEG
  • DivX
  • Windows Media Video Codec
  • Real Video
  • Intel Video
  • VIVO
  • FLI
  • FLC
  • AAC
  • AC3
  • WMA
  • RealAudio
  • QuickTime
  • OGG
  • And many more

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