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Microsoft Paint is basically a simple, and powerful graphics editor a variety of functions. Users can edit images efficiently, and create artistic images with the unique tools present in the app.

Software description

Microsoft Paint also known as MS Paint. It is a fundamental graphics drawing program that fits all the Microsoft Windows operating system versions. This app offers the easiest way of creating unique kinds of graphics using various tools. Such tools include brushes, pens, shape generators, and erasers. It is important to know where to get the software, because a number of users of Windows do not know about the existence of the app due to the availability of web graphics development tools.

Microsoft Paint is more popular in the midst of users for graphic editing because it is simple to use. There are various mechanisms that users can get while using the app for designing, and editing images. The first instrument to acknowledge while using the application is the drawing gadgets. There are different icons in the tool box indicating the unique drawing instruments like brushes, freehand drawing, and erasers. Users can also find other important tools in the same tool box for crafting shapes such as rectangles, squares, and circles.

Fill with color is also another tool that is interesting to use; this feature helps the user to color a specific part of the drawing with a specific color. With this app, there is no struggle of manually coloring particular sections of your art. In addition, users can also add the text to their add on the Microsoft Paint by using the tool box. There are tools for zooming in and out of certain images together with devices for editing the entire image. For instance, there is a flip, and rotate choice for twisting the image in the direction that fits the user’s desires.

Apart from designing, or drawing an image, the software offers the flexibility of transferring the file via email. Users can achieve this by clicking on the file menu, and they can select the send option. After selecting it, the software launches the PCs email application and puts the file on it. Hence, the user just chooses the recipient, writes a content, and the title of the email, and hits the send button.

Besides using this software for creating new arts, the Microsoft Paint is also useful in editing pictures. It is a significant software for writers who are into editing pictures for the purposes of illustration in their articles. For instance, the users can take screen shots of the images using the print screen and paste them into the program. After that, they can modify them before adding them in their articles.

The menu bar of MS Paint has several items for the user’s convenient navigation while interacting with the app. For instance, there is a file menu which offers the user with options for creating new files, printing, saving, or setting the image as a desktop background. There is an edit menu for redoing, copying, undoing, and pasting. The view menu on the other hand, is for displaying the toolbox, status bar, color box, viewing the bitmap etc. Other tools available are image, colors, and help; this gives a complete guide or aid concerning the Paint software.

Despite its advantages, this software has very basic editing features, hence making it not a common image manipulating option such as Photoshop which has little drawbacks. Also, it does not support many layers; this gives users the difficult task of creating images as new layers which they can recover by simply clicking to the bottom layer. The Pro art-editing applications, provides the users with the capability of mixing the layers together by using various techniques, images in the MS paint have a single layer. It also lacks, filters and retouching choices.

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