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Picasa is a google developed software. It is specially is for organizing and editing photos. It has numerous features that will enable you to create and modify photos to look better. It can open photos of different formats with ease.

Software description

Picasa is a photograph software from Google. It sorts, and categorizes photos according to different parameters. It is a freeware available for download, and it is compatible with all operating systems. Picasais a straight forward software with a simple intuitive interface. Everything you need to know is available to you on the home screen. Additional settings are on the settings icon.

This software scans your device to collect all photos available. You can still limit the scans as you wish. After successful scans, the app sorts photos in folders. The folders contain photos with certain similarities. It classifies the photos according to the places or dates.

You can further tag those on the photos using their names. You can also add name tags on the folders for easy retrieval when looking for certain photos. Picasa has a photo viewer nature which enables you to view photo files of different formats.

In addition, Picasa has an image editor that is simple, but has everything you need. It enables you to crop, contrast, straighten or add filters to your photos. The edits are eye catching and satisfying. You can also vary brightness and sharpness of the photo.

Furthermore, you can edit a video using photos as the editor allows you to incorporate several slide showing photos with music. They produce a video like which you can make use of edit features to make them appealing. Besides, you can customize to allow smooth slide from one photo to another.

Moreover, with collaging feature, you can create album photos. This involves displaying several photos on a single front as a single picture. It gives a clear comparison in case you have the intention to compare several items. It enhances simplicity and economy of space. You can still create posters using you photos.

Picasa editor provides you with a few already made templates to choose from. Which results to amazing posters . The allows you to burn the photos on CD rom making it easier to transport, share, and create a back up. It makes economic use of available storage since it clears up duplicate photos and empty folders.

Furthermore, Picasa can provide print outs of high quality. The software can predict the outcome of the print out in advance. This will help you to rectify the photo before you carry out the printing process. You can edit screensavers that are appealing to users. This software is the best to use in a windows pc. It collects all photos and arrange them from old to new. You can customize outlook themes of Picasa. You can also influence the appearance of photos to match your preference.

Additionally, this software enables you to share your photos. You can share online or to external devices connected to the pc. It is a faster way to share files. Picasa discontinuity was to pave and taken over by google photos but still it has incredible performance. You can download it and experience its vast performance. Some features like online synchronizing disabled to pave way for google photos.

It can no longer back up your photos on the drive as it used to do a while ago. You can now use it on offline mode but other features still perform normally. This software is available in English language; being an international language means it is popular among many people.

Picasa can therefore be easily used by masses around the world. Its intuitive interface remains unmatched. Its so simple that even those with least education levels can understand well how to use it. You can however find tutorials on how to get best performance and experience on google browser.

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