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Software description

As the world’s most widely used graphics utilities, the MSI Afterburner has long since been proven to be a highly beneficial tool. Assisting with overclocking, benchmarking, monitoring the performance of in-game graphics, video capture, and more, it allows users to take full control of graphic cards. Providing an incredibly detailed overview of hardware as well as an array of cool and useful features users just love, perhaps the best part of the MSI Afterburner is that it is available totally free of charge and is compatible with graphic cards of all brands.

Notable Features are as follows:

  • Customizing Fan Profiles
  • Benchmarking
  • Video recording

Overclocking Tools

Despite new user skepticism, exploring and exceeding the limits of your graphics card has never been so simple. Rest assured that the MSI Afterburner Overclocking tools provide easy and precise access to your graphics card settings. What’s more, the fan speed control also enables each user to find the perfect balance between performance and temperature, all while increasing your GPU’s clock and frequency voltage.

OC Scanner

The latest version of MSI Afterburner has been upgraded to include an OC Scanner for RTX 20 series graphics cards. The OC Scanner is a conveniently automated function that easily finds the highest stable overclock settings for your card. Additionally, thanks to its higher FPS, It gives users a free performance boost for a seamless in-game experience.

Hardware Monitor

Another great feature of the MSI Afterburner is that the Hardware Monitor displays critical hardware information in real-time. This includes temperature, usage, clock speed, and voltage. Additionally, you can even display selected information on-screen to keep an eye on key statistics while remaining comfortably in-game.

Custom Fan Profiles

As we all know, sufficient heat dissipation is an essential factor for optimal graphics card performance. Fortunately, the MSI Afterburner allows users the ability to fully customize a predefined fan speed curve, making it possible for you to easily determine cooling performance along the way.

On-Screen Display

The highly convenient On-Screen Display sits neatly in the corner of the screen and serves as a virtual companion while playing the game. It keeps users up-to-date by providing users with real-time information about the system’s performance. This makes it possible to can keep a watchful eye on the effect of your overclocking settings while gaming.

Custom User Skins

Say goodbye to those boring displays many programs offer, the MSI Afterburner allows users to choose the look & feel they love best! It comes complete with a wide selection of different skins that dramatically change the program’s aesthetic as well as what is being displayed. To change your skin, simply select one from the settings menu or you can even download a custom skin online.

Kombustor Benchmarking

Based on the well-known Furmark software, Kombustor is an exclusive burn-in benchmarking tool. This program is specially designed to push your graphics card to the limits while testing overall stability and thermal performance. Kombustor supports the latest DirectX versions as well as OpenGL.

Predator Video Capture

Complete with Predator Video Capture, the MSI Afterburner makes sharing your greatest moments a cinch! Record your best game performance or overclocking without missing a single frame. The Predator software supports the H.264 codec, multiple file-formats (.WMV, .AVI), size, and quality to capture your match-winning frag, dominating the game on hard mode, or shattering a record in overclocking!

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