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Office 365 (Microsoft 365) is the world’s most popular online productivity tool that manages to transfer the most popular applications of the offline Microsoft Office into a fully connected online offering.

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A comprehensive and concrete Office 365 review has been done in this account in order to answer many frequently asked questions. Before any of the features of the utility are put to scrutiny, it is important to identify one very important fact that Office 365 is more of a cloud-based application rather than a full-sized office utility. It can easily be downloaded via the Windows App Store but it may be an insufficient office suite for students or professionals who need a complete access to all the productive features of an office utility. Microsoft is on the right track in an attempt to facilitate the professionals with better features and easy usability. Office 365 promises a lot!

This Office 365 review caters all important application based on practical value to make it easier for you to decide if it is the office suite you need or not.


Office 365 work with paid online subscription which allows cross-platform access to all the documents and work files over the internet. If you need basic office suite features for text documents, spreadsheet files or PowerPoint project, you are perhaps better off using the Google’s online Google Docs facilities which work pretty much the same way as the Office 365. There is no need to spend on a similar application’s subscription if it does not provide any additional features.

What is to be considered is the interface and the ease-of-access. If you are mobile technology user, the Office 365 is a viable option for its interface is better and the user experience beats the Google apps any day. You can create simple files and share them via OneDrive or even Google Drive, whichever suits you. With these cloud-based drives, document sharing is not an issue.

With typically the exact features, what differentiates between the Office 365 apps and the Google apps is the rich interface and excellent user experience which the former offers and this is where this Office 365 review gives it in its favor.

Real-Time Collaboration

An important mention in any Office 365 review has to be the fact that the Office 365 allows real-time collaborations for working on word documents as well as PowerPoint presentations which implies that different users can collaborate for one project using different mediums, one can use the mobile application while the second can be connected through an internet browser and the third can be working on a desktop version.

There is only one condition for real-time collaboration using the Office 365 and that is the file being worked on must be shared on the Microsoft cloud storage i.e. the OneDrive. This feature is very helpful for students or groups of professionals working on a single project.


Despite being a limited features Microsoft Office Suite, the Office 365 takes lead when compared to any office suite in the world, including the Apple products. You may find some of the applications to be very attractive but none works as efficiently as the Microsoft Office product even in Office 365.

Word remains the leading document editing software in the world, Microsoft PowerPoint has its own game and Microsoft Excel despite its limitations in the cloud version remains the undisputed king of spreadsheet software without a doubt. If you prefer efficiency over attractiveness and fancy keys for a cloud-based office suite, this Office 365 review bids it to Microsoft as a winner.

OneDrive Access

Despite being reliant on the internet and being a productive tool for real-time collaborations, the Office 365 reduces in its utility on the merit of ease-of-access. It requires files to be shared only through the Microsoft cloud storage of OneDrive in order to support cross-platform accessibility. The permission grant for access through OneDrive can, however, be very dramatic. It can be the internet causing issue or simply the application itself. That is one con of the Office 365 which Office 365 review deems very important to be highlighted for the users.

Office 365 Updates

The Office 365 utility is upgraded on regular intervals by the Microsoft Corporations to ensure that it I equipped with the best possible features, remains efficient and to overcome the shortcomings. Ever since its introduction, all the products included in this pack, the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been regularly upgraded. Newer features have been introduced, limitations have been minimized, compatibility and user experience have been improved greatly.

With Microsoft’s reputation, it is actually a viable option to choose the Office 365 as the Corporation keeps upgrading its products to make them better than before. It has been identified by a few users that features take time to be integrated in the cloud-based Office 365 but any Office 365 review would balance it in Microsoft’s favor that the utility has continuously and significantly improved over time and some new features have also been introduced to increase usefulness of this product.

Detailed Editing

One thing that the Office 365 completely lacks is the support for detailed editing in Microsoft Word or Excel utilities included in the pack. One of the most common problems identified is the lack of support for footnotes in the Word feature. You can edit an existing footnote but you cannot add a new footnote using the Microsoft Office 365 utility. These things can be catered by taking benefit from cross-platform access and the support for real-time collaborations but it is not something which can be ignored and hence, included in this Office 365 review.


If your requirements for an Office can be met with the basic or intermediate level features, you prefer efficiency and need to work through real-time collaborations, the Office 365 is a viable option. It is important to note that only the files shared through the OneDrive can be used for real-time collaborations and that Office 365 offers limited features only. It is, however, very efficient and is regularly upgraded. For those who need minimal specs and good user experience, this Office 365 review gives a positive note.

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