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Partition Magic is a tool by Symantec that can create, shrink, delete, and even merge files without data loss. This app enables partitions to be manipulated by bootable media. With Partition Magic, files can easily be separated without the need for backup.  Because partition management is in such demand, there needs to be a reliable way to help perform the operation.  This all in one system also includes a boot management program to reboot individual systems when needed. 

Software description

Partition Magic from PowerQuest Corporation allows users to easily create disk partitions on their computers and manage hard disk space effectively. The program makes partition creation and management simple – copy, move, label resize resize without losing data and convert between FAT32/NTFS formats without losing your files! Reclaim wasted space from hard drives while optimizing SSD performance as well as switching file system types from NTFS to FAT/FAT32 or vice versa is made simple with Partition Magic’s powerful features! Product Details Within…

However, Partition Magic is no longer compatible with Windows 11, so if you need help partitioning disks EaseUS Partition Master offers a perfect solution. Supporting most disk formats and featuring its Roll-Back data protection technology for 100% disk data safety – EaseUS Partition Master provides partitioning software designed specifically to meet all of your disk partitioning needs.

When is Partition Magic Software Necessary for Windows 10? Partition magic can come in handy for several reasons on a PC running Windows 10, including when your disk space becomes low, you need to resize your system partition in order to regain enough space, or different data exists on various disk drives. With this program you can resize disk partitions by adjusting their end handle.

You can use this program to recover lost files and partitions from formatted, repartitioned, inaccessible or corrupted disks. It features automatic content-based file searching as well as file system rebuilding to successfully return inaccessible drives back to working state. Furthermore, its comprehensive scan mode analyzes every sector on the disk surface as well as file header analysis to maximize chances for successful recovery.

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