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PC Tasks Optimizer from Smart PC Utilities enables users to safely and effortlessly optimize dozens of unnecessary scheduled Windows tasks in a user-friendly fashion, without affecting system functions. While designed specifically for novice users, more experienced ones also have access to manual optimization options which allows for customization, making this software suitable for all kinds of computer users.

Software description

Windows’ integrated Task Scheduler may not be difficult to use, but users must familiarize themselves with all available tasks and understand exactly what each does – which may not always be easy for novice or casual computer users. If any essential services are accidentally disabled by mistake, this can cause the system to freeze up or crash and may prove very frustrating indeed.

PC Tasks Optimizer offers an effective solution. This program monitors Windows Task Scheduler to identify any problematic services and disable them – guaranteeing stability on your computer. Furthermore, custom profiles allow you to tailor settings specifically to your needs – an especially handy feature for gamers as it enables them to close down non-essential services while playing.

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