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PhotoDirector is a powerful editing tool that allows you to choose from filters and stickers to help your images stand out. This Editing App will enable you to add effects changes tones and even let you create beautiful photo colleagues.

Software description

PhotoDirector is an excellent app for editing your photos on the go and allows you to take your photo game up a level.


You can choose from thousands of filters to help your image stand out. Create borders and add stickers to help create fun and interactive pictures.

As well as filters, you can use styles to create a different look for each image that you take.

You will also be able to choose from quick borders that can help you edit in your style quickly and easily.

Deblur Tool

The deblur tool is impressive as it uses AI to help fix any blur issues, so you don’t lose any of your favorite moments.

Having a photo that you love to be slightly out of focus and unusable is a thing of the past. With the advanced AI, you can now recover that image and not lose it to the blur.

Photo Editing

Adjust tones and curves as well as change colors to edit like a pro. Add layer masks to help combine photos in a new and unique way.

Retouch skin like a pro, and with a selfie editor, take your selfie game to the next level.

Use curves adjustment and dehaze like a pro. Take your editing game up on the go and don’t lose any function when you do.

Take the power of professional editing on the go and don’t lose a beat when working away from home.

Change Colors In An Instant

With advanced color replacement, you can change colors to any object to help your subjects pop. Take that drab looking photo and give it the pop of color that it deserves.

You can also isolate colors to make for an image that everyone will remember. Make black and white photos more artistic with this fantastic feature.

Remove Unwanted Objects

With content-aware software, you will be free to remove and clone objects make for more dramatic photos. Take away distracting objects that take away from your overall image.

You can also clone any object to make for a more visually appealing photo and to add more drama and take advantage of an isolated subject.

Photo Animation

Move your photo from good to great with fantastic animation that will catch the eye of your audience and take your photo up a notch.

Stand out from the crowd and make them look forward to what you are going to do next.

Join the millions of users that take advantage of this powerful editing tool everyday. With intuitive controls, it is not overwhelming and very user friendly, allowing you to go from novice editor to pro.

Use the PhotoDirector App across all your devices to help with your workflow and make the most of your time away from home.

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