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PhotoDirector is a powerful photo editing software. It uses several AI-based editing tools, and offers a decent set of classic editing tools. Also, it works with a layer-based workflow that is non-destructive, and provides RAW image support.

Software description

PhotoDirector refers to a popular photo editing software from Cyber link. This software is available as a standalone or subscription. Also, it has all the usual editing tools a user has come to expect from any other powerful editing software in 2023. The application outshines its competitors as it offers a selection of unique AI tools, design packs, animations, and visual effects.

PhotoDirector puts together the photo workflow features of Adobe Lightroom. Some of these functions are available in Photoshop, and adds hand-holding aid features. For instance, the Elements in Photoshop. This makes it an all-round photo editing application for photo lovers.

The software has a clean user interface, it is intuitive and straightforward to move around. This makes it a great choice for the learners. When you open PhotoDirector, you will see two options. On of the options is Organize & Adjust, and Edit. With Organize & Adjust a user can import, and Organize photos to generate a library. A user can also do a fundamental lighting, and color alterations to his/her image. On the other hand, the Edit panel enables a user to edit the image, and include further effects, and animations. There is also an expert option relying on a user’s editing prowess.

Additionally, the software utilizes a lot of AI editing tools. There are AI-powered image capabilities such as style transfer, content-aware removal, people masking, sky replacement, and GIF animation. However, PhotoDirector does not have some of the significant features that Lightroom, and Photoshop contains. Some of these features include Subject Select, as well as geotagged maps.

Although, PhotoDirector stretches beyond Lightroom with drawing equipment, face-beautification tools, cartoon effects, and blur. Furthermore, the software has some features that are not available in Photoshop such as non-destructive workflow, and collection organization features. The software still stands out as impressive both in its usability, and breadth of capabilities.

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