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There are several apps and software available on the internet for streaming and downloading videos, and PLAYit is one of them. It has advanced features such as playing videos in several formats, such as MP3, 4k, MPG, 1080p, MKV, and TS.

Software details

Android / mac

Software description

PLAYit is a video player that enables you to watch and download videos on your phone and PC; you can use this app on Android and Windows. You also get unlimited access to movies, series, and music with the option to stream and download.

PLAYit Features

PLAYit music layer is the best media player app for streaming video and audio files in all formats. It also has several other features that make it a powerful video player. They include:

You Can Auto Manage Local Files

When you click on the download link on a video or audio file, it gives you an option of where you want to save it. You can save it on your device or SD card, making it easy to sort and share the media files with friends and family.

Files Can Be Transferred To Other Devices

The downloaded video and audio files are stored on the device permanently after download and can be shared with other devices. For example, you can transfer an MP3 audio file from your phone to your PC, and it will still play. This means that there is no need to download the same video or audio file on multiple devices. It also makes sharing between friends and family easier.

It Supports All Formats

Unlike some streaming apps, PLAYit supports all video and audio formats. You can download 4k videos, 1080p videos, MKV, TS, and FLV videos. It also allows you to download your videos in the quality you want, including converting the video quality from 720p to 1080p when downloading.

Advantages of Using PLAYit

PLAYit is popular because it allows you to enjoy videos and music on your device anytime, even when you are on the move. It is user-friendly and offers high-quality services to its users. Some other significant benefits of using this app to stream music and videos include the following:

Converts Videos Into Audio

It works like an MP4 to MP3 converter, enabling you to convert your videos into audio files. This comes in handy, especially when downloading music. The versatility of this application makes it ideal for most music lovers.

It Has a Background Play Function

When using this app to watch movies and videos, you can use various other applications on the same device at the same time. You can also close the screen and continue listening to music without watching the videos. To use this feature, turn on the floating play windows and enjoy your works with other apps as you listen.

You Can Download Media to Watch Later

Unlike most streaming platforms, PLAYit allows you to download videos, music, and movies. A download button will appear whenever you play a video online, allowing you to download the media directly. It enables you to watch videos and listen to music anywhere without being online.

High Quality Music Player

You can play all the audio files easily and conveniently on PLAYit. The app enables you to adjust the brightness, volume, and speed when watching music videos on the app. It also allows you to download all the audio files in MP3 format.

Final Words

The PLAYit app is excellent for streaming and downloading videos and music. You don’t have to worry about the video format since it supports all formats and converts all audio to MP3. This app also enables you to find and save videos from social media apps.

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