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PlayOn is a user friendly application facilitating videos and music fanatics since 2013. Almost all popular gaming consoles and mobile devices are supported for quick streaming of desired content. Once the videos are recorded, you can enjoy them anytime in ad-free mode. You can find suitable content by searching famous websites as well as by going through the recommendations based on your previous choices.










Software description

In the past, entertainment is simple. Either you watch the TV or movies through discs or go to theatres. In the current generation, with the advancement of technology, the way we consume media also evolved. We no longer go to movies or purchase disks. Films and media contents are accessible on the Internet.

The rise of streaming services had once again revolutionized the entertainment industry. Streaming platforms such as Netflix and many others only need a single subscription to view an endless catalog of shows and films. The only disadvantage of these platforms is that they need an internet connection to work. If you have an internet connection, but it’s not so strong, you will struggle to play content.

With this in mind, the need for offline viewing is obvious. While many streaming platforms offer offline mode, some don’t. PlayOn, an excellent application, solves the problem. PlayOn is an application that allows you to record and save videos from streaming sites for offline viewing. It has many features that unlock different possibilities without removing the convenience that streaming platforms offer.

PlayOn: What are the main features?

  • Record and save videos for offline viewing
  • Sync videos across devices
  • Computer media server
  • Support many channels and streaming sites
  • Cast content to TV
  • Automatic downloads
  • Downloaded videos will never expire

PlayOn – In-depth features and functionalities

Record and save videos for offline viewing

PlayOn allows you to record videos and content you’re currently watching. Also, it can directly record the videos you haven’t played yet. It will save recorded videos to your computer. These contents will be available for offline viewing. No more worrying about internet speed; enjoy your content to the fullest.

Sync videos across devices

PlayOn can sync downloaded videos across your devices. Many subscribed to streaming services in the first place because of the convenience they offer. You can watch your shows and movies anywhere without transferring files or doing anything.

PlayOn tries to replicate this approach. You can set up a computer or device to be a central server of your saved videos. You only have to connect your devices to the central hub. After a successful connection, you can now access your media anywhere.

Computer media server

Utilize a computer or device as a central hub. It will serve as the storage for the saved videos. You can connect your devices, so playing content will be like when you’re still inside a streaming platform. It means you can access your videos anywhere without transferring files.

Support many channels and streaming sites

PlayOn supports many channels and streaming platforms. There is no need to worry about your video service not being compatible; rest assured, you’re all right.

Cast content to TV

If you a TV or home entertainment system, PlayOn allows casting content. Watch and enjoy saved videos to a larger screen with your family or friends.

Automatic downloads

If there’s a new episode or season of a show, you can configure PlayOn to download them automatically. You’ll be alerted if you want to cancel or ignore it for it to execute on its own.

Downloaded videos will never expire.

Saved videos will not expire or be removed. You can compile many videos and never about losing them.

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