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QQ player is a software that plays multimedia created by Tencent Technology Company .It is able to play media of different formats and more so it has subtitles that download automatically to suite users need.

Software description

QQ player is multimedia software created by a Chinese Tencent Technology Company Limited. The software plays multimedia of different formats with ease and it has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It has advanced features that allow users to enjoy both video and audio of high quality.

QQ Player has an easy-to-use interface which make it usable and easy to navigate through features. The multimedia player can play video , audio and image files of various formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, RMVB, MPEG, 3GP, MP3, and WMP. This makes it easy to play any media file without additional codecs. It’s compatibility with different formats make it universal to use and meets almost all needs of the users who wish to experience multimedia experience. The player supports streaming media like HTTP, RTSP and MMS. This allows users to enjoy the compatibility and time saving since they don’t need additional codecs.

Another important feature about QQ player is that it can support subtitles. This helps users that are not speakers of the foreign language the film is produced in to understand what is transpiring or taking place in the film hence enhancing their understanding. The software supports subtitles with formats like ASS, SSA and SRT. The subtitles are available since the software can download them automatically and the user can select the language they wish. In addition the user can even customize front size and move subtitle position to where they prefer them to be on the screen .

Another vital feature QQ player has is an in-built video editor. The video editor can be used to edit videos the user has and in addition to that are several effects. The user can use the editor and the effects to produce a high quality video or film that meets their preference and liking. The software supports screenshot capture. The user can take captures of parts they are interested in in a film or video. They can then save the screenshot capture as an image file. The software also supports 3D viewing enabling users to enjoy 3D glass viewing. The feature is amazing especially to gamers who like to game in 3D.
QQ player is integrated with other online streaming video apps and sites like YouTube. This feature allows users to watch videos from the sites of their choice in this player without necessarily having to switch from one app to another.

QQ player has customization features to allow users to customize the appearances to suite their taste and liking. The user can alter the speed of playback either by increasing or decreasing. This helps the user to move quickly over the video or audio to where they had stopped earlier or to the part they are interested to view or listen.

QQ player is frequently updated with latest features which makes it up to date and at the same standard with other multimedia players. The regular improvements make it relevant and meet users needs.

The problem with QQ player is that it is available in Chinese language. This makes some users who are not Chinese speaking difficult to navigate through the interface and the features. However they can download an English version as third party. The software can also be slow when playing large video files or even crash making users frustrated as it interrupts their view. The software may also have ads popping up when users are watching video files. This may be irritating and frustrating to some of the users.

QQ player is therefore an amazing multimedia player that allows users to enjoy media of different formats without worrying and adding other codecs since it plays different formats. The simple interface makes it easy to use and the English version makes it easy to be used by majority of population across the world.

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