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Rainmeter is a free tool that allows you to view a wide range of system information on your desktop screen. It has a unique interface that is quite easy to manage. It is an artistic piece of application that enhances your desktop capabilities. It is available only for Windows PCs on free GPL license.

Software description

Rainmeter is a desktop application that helps you monitor computer performance. It is a utility that utilizes free space of desktop to display important information. It is a Windows based utility that is compatible with all editions including and after XP version. It is a customizable tool with an intuitive user interface. It is suitable for both professional as well as beginner users as it does not contain any complex functions. You can download it for free to improvise your desktop.

User Interface:
It contains a straightforward interface through which you can view system information. It contains a compact interface which is further divided into three tabs. Its default skin color is black with high opacity. You can manage, edit or refresh skin theme. It contains various built-in themes and you can choose any of them as per your preferences. You can also look for additional themes by clicking Skinoption.

Rainmeter provides an insight into the system statistics. Its time tab displays current time, day and date. The format of date and time is similar to default system settings. The System tab shows CPU usage, RAM usage and SWAP usage. You can double click the menu to access task manager and manage running processes, system performance, app history, start-up apps, user accounts, details and installed services. The Disk tab shows all hard disk drives along with total space and free available space.

You can easily modify the appearance and performance of the tool by visiting its Manager section. Here you can specify the exact coordinates and position on screen where the application is supposed to appear. You can choose its skin theme, load order, transparency and hovering effects. Under Layouts tab, you can add custom theme to the software context. Settings section allows you to choose language, default editor, automatic updating and logging mode.

System Performance:
Rainmeter is a reliable tool that efficiently helps you enhance system performance. It displays necessary information about clock, network, recycle bin, Google and processor usage. You can analyze this information and take necessary steps to increase system speed. It does not slow down the speed of computer as it consumes extremely low resources. Moreover, it does not overlay on the running applications and therefore avoids interruption.

Prominent Features:
It is an efficient application that helps you manage your computer. It displays a variety of useful information on the desktop to determine its performance. It displays correct information in real time. It only occupies free area on the desktop. Each tab is a separate window that can be moved independently. It is a customizable tool whose appearance and operations can be easily modified.

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