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RAMEXpert is a reliable tool for getting detailed information about RAM of your PC. Is user interface is compact and it helps you maintain the performance of memory by analyzing its usage and model information.

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Software description

RAMExpert is a computer program that allows you to view and control the use of RAM memory in order to improve your computer’s performance.

The RAM memory is a fundamental factor for the correct functioning of our computer and it is good to have it controlled with a program that enables a reading a little less superficial than the one offered by the operating system. RamExpert measures the capacity of your RAM indicating how much you have installed, how, where and what type.

Generally, when we want to know how much RAM memory a computer has installed and active, we look at the BIOS or system properties once Windows or Linux has started. The information we access in this way is the most superficial possible, since the system only counts the amount of memory and type, leaving aside many of the technical details that can be used to differentiate different capacities achieved by superficially similar memories. So if you want to know how much ram your computer has, what type, how much per slot and from which manufacturer, among other things, the best option is a software like RamExpert.

RAMExpert has a simple and intuitive interface from which anyone can use the program without any problem and itt is a program easy to use and install, RAMExpert does not consume many system resources and does not occupy much space on your hard disk .For more information about using the program RAMExpert, use the Help function, which is on the toolbar and may help you with several of your doubts. This software is a very good one if you want to have more control over your system performance.


The program is installed when a window appears on the screen with the message of the installation, From here, nothing easier, just follow the instructions of the installer and accept the terms and conditions of use of the program. following the steps will lead us to a successful installation in our system.

What operating systems are compatible and which are the minimum requirements for running the program RAMExpert?

RAMExpert works with the Windows operating systems – Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 – works very well with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

* A minimum is required to use RAMExpert:

Processor: 1 GHz Pentium|| Memory: 512 Mb RAM Free disk space: 1 GB

* Recommended:

Processor: 2.1 GHz Pentium|| Memory: 2 Gb RAM Free disk space: 4 GB

What can you do with this program and what are the main features of RAMExpert?

To summarize, here is a list of what you can do and the main features of RAMExpert:

– Manual update;

– Support in different languages;

– RAMExpert is an easy to use application;

– Simple and intuitive interface;

– Information about the memory used;

– Information about the manufacturer;

– Information about RAM memory;

– Support for installation / uninstallation, etc.

Ram expert will allow you monitorize and better control your RAM memory to enhance the performance of your system. In RAMExpert you will find the perfect partner for you as it will allow you work better optimizing your time and resources.

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