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Rufus is a software for creating bootable USB drives, and also formats them. It can still install operating systems on computers. Despite being only applicable on Windows operating system, it also important in creating IOS applicable on Linux, and Mac OS.

Software description

Rufus is a special utility software used for creating, and formatting bootable USB drives. The software is easy to use; it is also a web-based software, hence there is no need to install it. Your device automatically installs the program, you just to start it up. The system creates, and saves its configuration making it accessible whenever you need it. This bootable USB drives are easy to create.

All you need to do is to download the iOS file. Insert USB drive you want to use to create bootable USB drive. Open Rufus file, and then create a bootable drive. This software only works on Windows. However, it creates OS which works well on Linux, and Mac OS. Furthermore, it installs operating systems on the computers. You can use it further to reinstall old OS on computers, or where OS is unavailable. This is easy following the USB step by step procedure.

Rufus have a dependable FAQ system. The owner actively answers questions from the users and willingly helps them to solve problems they may encounter while using it. They can also view the library of questions, and answers from the previous discussions.

Through them users can learn more about Rufus, and also other features. The programming of this software is very easy, as well as the codding. It is also an open source, meaning any body can recode, and add more patches to the software. When installing IOS on your computer, Rufus formats all files from it. It is wise to save all data, and files present on your computer on another external drive. You will re- install after successful installation of IOS.

Additionally, Rufus provides an easy way to store operating systems, and files in a computer. Users can find the IOS in physical discs. It is normally one IOS system on a single physical disk. With Rufus, you can compile several of them into one IOS. This will give you faster operation system saving you a lot of time. Furthermore, this software can save a game that can only run on a DVD drive.

The software modifies the game, and saves it for later access, or in future with more ease. Also, operating systems like Windows, Linux Mac OS saves IOS using Rufus, and you can use it on different computers to install operating system. It can also be sent through internet so that it can install operating system on other computers.

This software is portable and you can move with it along. You can store the software on a USB drive, and use it on many computers. What amazes its users is the fact that portable Rufus remain stable, or constant even after using it on several computers.

Moreover, Rufus is safe to use and does not pose any damage to the computer. It has no capability to destroy hard disk of your computer. It has been tested, and it poses zero percent damage as long as you utilize it in the right way. The only problem it may cause is that it may delete some important files on the drive.

These files may lead to long term effect to your computer. Also, Rufus has a simple intuitive interface. Its easy to work with even by first time users. The software is available in simple format, and easily understandable.

Nevertheless, Rufus also has some disadvantages. For instance, it only works on Microsoft Windows, 7, 8, and 10. This is a limiting factor for Windows Vista, and other versions that are old, and new ones. The developer does not release the updates to fit latest versions. Only one patch of IOS is on the USB drive. It saves alongside other files and data.

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