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Screenshot Captor is a free program to capture everything that appears on the screen. It includes an editing menu with basic tools to easily edit the captured images. The app is free, but you must obtain an activation key for not to receive error messages constantly.









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Software description

The windows print screen feature is undeniably limited and clunky. There are so many steps that every user has to do every time they take screenshots painstakingly. Not to mention, the tasks of taking screenshots and saving them to your computer are slow and inefficient in the long run. Is there a better way to do screenshots on your Windows machine?

Download and use Screenshot Captor instead. It is a popular and powerful screenshot tool for your computer. It allows you to capture screenshots of windows, screens, or sections easily. Think of it as an advanced version of the built-in screenshot program your computer has.

What features to expect?

  • Easy to use crop screenshots
  • Optimized for numerous screenshots
  • Automatic upload to a cloud storage
  • Scanner
  • Webcam and other peripheral integrations
  • Image effects and editing tools

What are the functionalities of Screenshot Captor?

Easy to use crop screenshots

Sometimes, users only want to capture a specific section of the screen. In most cases, it is called a cropped screenshot. You have to cut or select with a lasso like a tool the part of the screen you want to save.

The built-in screenshot tool only has one option, which is to capture the entire screen. Most users paste the screenshots into the paint app and crop it from there to trim something. It is undeniably slow and tiresome. In the long run, it is not efficient if you have so many things to capture. Screenshot Captor has made the crop arrows and controls more intuitive and free to resize and change position.

Optimized for numerous screenshots

If you have taken bulk screenshots, you don’t have to worry. Screenshot Captor has incorporated some techniques into which can help you manage many images in a short period. You can also disable the popup which most screenshot tools show after a successful screen capture so that you’ll not be distracted when taking bulk screen captures.

Automatic upload to a cloud storage

If you have many images on your screenshot folder, you can back them up on your cloud storage. You can manually or set a schedule for automatic backups. This way, you’ll lessen the risk of losing actual screenshots over disk failures or system crashes. You can also connect as many cloud storage accounts as you like if you prefer to do so.

Built-in scanner

It also has a built-in if you need something that can scan physical papers lying around your desk. It takes clear and legible copies, so details are preserved well.

Webcam and peripherals integration

Screenshot Captor supports connection to webcams and other computer peripherals. Following capturing screens, it can also take photos using webcams. Indeed, Screenshot Captor is a very flexible tool in terms of image capturing functionalities and features.

Image effects and editing tools

If you’re done capturing screens, you can use the built-in excellent image editor. It has features such as filters and many more. Change the look of an image, such as turning document screenshots into a black and white version or adjusting a dull picture’s saturation.

Lastly, it has a great feature that can remove texts and other objects from photos, so screenshots will look cleaner and focused on a primary subject.

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