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ShareMe is an amazing platform that has revolutionized the way we share ideas and resources. It allows us to instantly connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Software description

With ShareMe’s user-friendly interface, it makes exchange of information both convenient and quick. Whether we want to send a picture or audio clip, there are no limits. It provides an easy way to communicate through multimedia files. ShareMe also offers additional features including group conversations and discussion groups. These are extremely beneficial for those who need support or feedback from their peers. Users can offer advice and opinions in real time. The added bonus to create polls also helps involve the readers in making decisions. It promotes healthy debate within communities among students preparing for exams where one opinion might help more than 1000 others.

File Sharing

File sharing is one of the useful features included in ShareMe software. It allows users to send, receive and share multiple files with ease. It keeps all exchanged data safe and protected from threats from network hackers. Users can drag and drop any file from their device onto the shared dashboard. Users can upload it from cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. The majority of types of files like audio, video, text documents and images are supported by this program. Transferring large size files makes it a secure technology for businesses because of its advanced encryption feature. It prevents unauthorized access or misuse of data during transmission process leading to more security than regular email attachments. The tool offers an efficient way for people in groups to share any kind of information without hassles.


With easy file sharing options, online editing tools, comment features and task assignment capabilities built into the platform. It’s easier than ever to have a successful collaborative experience on ShareMe. The secure platform ensures all data transferred between team members remains confidential. Collaboration is a defining feature of ShareMe, enabling users to work together and create great projects. On ShareMe, members can create teams for project-based collaboration or just chat in real-time with colleagues from around the world. Advanced security controls also help ensure projects are not at risk of copied or accessed by unauthorized third parties. Users enjoy complete control over who can access their documents and tasks across multiple devices. The intuitive interface helps make teamwork easier by putting all the information needed within easy reach. So, everyone knows how progress is going throughout each project phase.

File Organization

The service allows user access control, where shared files can access by specified individuals or groups through their individual logins. This ensures that only those granted permission can view, modify or delete confidential material. ShareMe is a secure file sharing platform that provides users with state-of-the-art security features. It utilizes advanced encryption technology to ensure data safety and privacy. Data transferred via the ShareMe servers are encrypted utilizing AES 256 system, the most reliable global standard for data protection. In addition, ShareMe has incorporated additional layers of authentication such as Two Factor Authentication (2FA). It requires an additional code to pass verification prior to accessing information on its network adding an extra layer of security. Another great feature includes eDiscovery for legal compliance purposes. It flags certain keywords used in attached documents in efforts to preserve evidence should any dispute arise or during investigations.

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