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Signal is an open source and free to use application that provides handle to private communication through several channels. Providing functions such as encrypted message, as well as calls with voice & video for iOs & Android phone users, is among those features.

Software details

Android APK
Android / iphone / mac / Windows 11

Software description

Signal is an application for desktop computers, cell phones, and other devices that has been developed to provide end-to-end encryption. Initially launched in 2014, it provides a platform for making messages, voice calls, and hosting video conferences through end-to-end encryption. Besides sign in option using a phone number is also available. Last, it applies open-source encryption protocols to the communications.

In addition to this, Signal messenger satisfies security protocols like end-to-end encipherment thus the message recipients and the sender are the only individuals who can read the text. Concretely, keys are produced on user phones not on corporate servers. This encryption process would make messages inaccessible to man in the middle attacks. On the other hand, the current laws can still be applied in cases of illegal content.

Moreover, these apps have communication in private ways through features like disappearing messages. People can clear message from their conversation history by setting text to be removed automatically after the recipient has viewed it. In short, we don’t know if ancient civilizations ever communicated with each other, because there are no records of their conversations. There is none of the metadata storing procedure in Signal which means that the usage of the platform is anonymous. Hence, the storage of the message is just limited to the date and time.

Besides that, Signal has been designed by a privately owned organization, Signal Foundation. Consequently, one can make a donation or the app does not sell users’ data and does not have any advertisements. Open source software means that the source code is available for all, permitting much needed transparency and community input. Furthermore, Edward Snowden stated that Signal is known for using the most advanced encryption end-to-end.

The app has had a speedy growth in its user base fairly recently. First of all, from the beginning of the year 2020 there was 40 million monthly active users. This substantial increase is particularly to do with the fact that people have become more skeptical about their privacy in the modern world of technology and communication.

Users found Signal on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. As a result, this is luminous for a mobile messaging platform. Further, an app for all the OSes including Mac, Windows, and Linux are available that facilitates the transition between the devices. The group functions enable people in the teams and organizations to communicate with each other in the group too.

On the whole, Signal is a free as well as a highly secure messaging platform designed to offer maximum privacy to users’ information. Individually private messages, secure voice and video calling, and screen sharing serve as its features for both personal and professional communication purposes. As users become more and more concerned about the data-privacy, Signal is growing to leading proportion.