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Sketchup is a 3D modeling computer program.

Software description

SketchUp is an engaging 3D modeling software program that’s flexible, fun, and straightforward to learn. SketchUp helps streamline workflows in industries from architecture and construction to woodworking, interior design, film production and beyond.

SketchUp is founded on geometry – everything in SketchUp can be understood as either edges or faces, connected by edges and faces and manipulate using tools such as Push Pull. Faces serve as graphic representations of surfaces in the model and can be given any number of textures by drawing a polygon over them or adding materials from the SketchUp Warehouse.

SketchUp is a lightweight BIM alternative that facilitates efficient design and construction document workflows. It helps designers collaborate more effectively with contractors by clearly communicating design intent with dimensions, annotations, texts and labels. SketchUp can be used from initial massing models to detailed building plans as well as construction documentation aides; and is even compatible with third-party rendering and visualization tools like V-Ray which offers community component models, ready-to-render materials and user-friendly workflows – something BIM simply cannot provide.

SketchUp users share 3D models through a free, searchable database called the SketchUp Warehouse, making it easy for anyone to quickly locate and add components to their model, speeding up modeling time. Many users make their models public on this database in order to share with both general audiences as well as industry peers.

SketchUp makes sharing component models simple by offering geo-referencing and exporting capabilities to Google Earth, enabling them to better visualize projects in a real-world setting and understand where they fit within the environment.

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