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Adobe FrameMaker is a software by Adobe Inc. with the tools to make and edit long and technical documents. The software was published by Frame Technology Corporation but later sold it to Adobe. The software has the ability to make flameless HTML that is compatible with almost every program there is. The software supports the XML/DITA concept to better effectiveness.








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Software description

Efficiently edit documents and published works using Adobe FrameMaker. It is an industry class offering from Adobe to manage and work in different forms. Adobe FrameMaker can handle easy to complex documents without losing quality and processing efficiency. If you want the best application that you can rely on to manage your professional workflow, choose Adobe FrameMaker.

Adobe FrameMaker offers many features to elevate your creativity and ability to work efficiently. It supports many formats, including older ones, so that you can work on everything. It is available in different plans so individuals and teams can have all the options.

Adobe FrameMaker – Key features

  • Work on documents using DITA and XML
  • Supports long documents
  • Supports many formats
  • Insert rich content media
  • Translate work using XLIFF
  • Collaboration
  • Work on content using CMS
  • Automate processes
  • Export into HTML
  • And many more

What can you do with Adobe FrameMaker?

Work on documents using DITA and XML

Utilize the power of DITA and other forms of XML standard to improve workflow. These standards enhance operations when working with content for publishing. Using these standards, you can better structure and manage the contents.

Supports long documents

Even if you’re working with a long and large-sized document, Adobe FrameMaker can adapt to your needs. Whether it be a simple document or a complicated one, your package relies on it to be as powerful as advertised. It is optimized for industry-class work, so opening large projects will not be an issue. You should note that your device should be powerful enough to handle large tasks. If you’re using it to work on simpler documents, you don’t have to worry about performance problems.

Supports many formats

Adobe FrameMaker can open almost any format. It can and manage whatever you throw at it. Document styles and formatting are preserved and transferred over. After creating or modification, you can export it into a different format even if it’s not similar to the original copy.

Insert rich content media

Spice up your content with rich media. Adobe FrameMaker can handle even the most complicated media attachment. If you’re working for a publishing company or you’re tasked to handle publishing, you’ll surely appreciate the power of Adobe FrameMaker.

Translate work using XLIFF

Create and translate content using XLIFF. The standard makes it easier to create data and files that can be easily translated and localized. Impress your audience from other parts of the world using this powerful feature.


You can collaborate with others on a single document. Also, there is a shared online workplace, where members can share files and documents. If you’re subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can sync files from Adobe FrameMaker and other Adobe’s suite of apps.

Work on content using CMS.

You can manage your content and files with a CMS. Connect a CMS to Adobe FrameMaker to import and post documents directly.

Automate processes

It is possible to automate processes in Adobe FrameMaker. Schedule workflows to get more work done. You can also connect to the Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server to access more automation features.

Export into HTML

You can export content into .html files. Directly publish content to your computer directory or connect to a CMS to publish content immediately.

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