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SopCast can be installed easily on PCs as everything is done by its Installation Wizard. It takes very short time in installation and is resource efficient. Its simple interface and accessible options make this tool a great choice for all users regardless of their skill level or expertise.

Software description

SopCast is a unique computer application that enables its users to enjoy streaming of TV and Radio channels and share their own media. For this purpose, it uses P2P technology. This modern technology is dedicated for broadcasting of radio and TV content and expands the coverage area on the basis of connected users. It is a free tool that can be used on all PCs having Windows, Android and Mac operating systems. The users need to login with an account name and password for getting access to available video and audio. But those who do not wish to disclose their identities can login as anonymous users.

User Interface:
SopCast provides a variety of options divided into well-categorized tabs. Home tab allows you to search for channels and content online and download them for offline use. The Live Channels tab displays the list of all available TV channels and Radio stations that can be enjoyed live when you are connected to internet. You can record the broadcasts and can access them later via Record Channels tab. Furthermore, FAQ section addresses all the major issues that many users face as well as explains the functionalities of the software in detail.

Channel Creation:
The options for creating your own channel can be used if you wish to broadcast your own content from separate stations. To avail this feature, you can visit the Server tab in SopCast GUI that will let you create your personalized channels. You need to enter Source of stream, encapsulation method and Channel details along with server address and reserved port. Once the required information is entered, you can make your channel live by clicking the Start button. Monitor function helps you keep an eye on overall performance.

You can enjoy any channel that is available by double clicking it. The audio or video streaming will open up in a separate window where Playback options such as play, pause, next, previous, volume, full screen, zoom, add to favorites and channel recording can be seen. Since it is a peer-to-peer application, therefore, the quality of videos that are running depends on internet service as well as the number of connected users. The more the number of people watching particular Television channels or listening to Radio stations, the higher will be the quality of that video and audio content.

Other Features:
SopCast offers a large variety of channels from different parts of the world. These channels are easy to find as they are categorized on the basis of genre. Not only you can view content, but can also share media with others. The software lets you customize privacy to choose targeted viewers. It supports various streaming formats including WMV, ASF, RMVB, RM, SPL, WAM and MP3.

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