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SPlayer is a free high performance all-in-one video player. It has built in support/decoders for most video formats like MKV, MP4, H264, DivX, Xvid, Mpeg-4, DVD, VOB, etc. It has smooth and excellent playback.

Software description

Splayer refers to a free program for android by S Media Team. It is a user friend player that users can use to immediately with a lot of ease after installing it. It is a must have program since it has wonderful in built features that supports all currently available video formats. In addition, it also offer users with the greatest streaming experience for all the videos you admire. Apart from playing all of your videos, the program also enables you to change the subtitle speed, as well as the style, import subtitles from a video, etc. In addition, you can also create private folders for your videos, and play them without the need to enter the main menu.

The player has some the best features which includes auto-matching subtitles, GPU usage optimization, start-up speed, optimized CPU utilization, it is easy to use and simple, and also elegant interface. In addition, SPlayer utilizes various optimization engines to present fascinating picture as well as sound quality, such as ShaderEngjne, LiveColor, and SmartAmplify technologies. The application is available as both installable and portable versions for on the go usability.

SPlayer contains a black interface design with metallic grey navigation buttons. On the other hand, the playback slider comprises of green color as well as the overall Graphical User Interface that is appealing to the user. Besides, the program supports six different languages in total. The navigation controls include Play, Forward, Backward, and Skip buttons. Also, there is Open file, Playlist, Setting Panel, Mute, volume slider. There are also subtitle synchronization controls that makes it easier for you to time your subtitle files if they are out of sync.

By moving the cursor of your mouse over the upper most section of the application window, shows another menu, which contains a few more options to personalize the playback. In addition, there are other buttons to manage the video zoom level, remove the black bars above and below some views, and set different audio or video settings. On the other side, that is the right side of the window, there are five more buttons to adjust brightness and contrast, capture images, repeat, full screen, and on top which keeps the application above all other windows.

Furthermore, for smooth playback and vivid picture quality, SPlayer backs up GPU hardware acceleration. This is advantageous because it reduces Central Processing Unit load. Therefore, you can easily switch in between Quality as well as Performance display mode by right clicking the video and choosing the display menu. By clicking the options window, you can configure several application settings. Also, there is the basic tab which house the options for adjusting User Interface and Player characteristics. You can also move to the subtitles tab to personalize your subtitles color and allow auto download of subtitles from the internet.

Splayer targets mainly the Chinese speaking users as indicated by Leawo, there is also a complete website and a documentation wiki in Chinese. However, it has English-language web site as well as User Interface localisation. Additionally, on the app, there is a menu and tooltips in English. After getting used to the app, the Chinese language does not hinder you from enjoying your music or other videos on the app.

Despite Splayer being easy to use, it has its own disadvantages that have led to complaints from several users. Therefore, an alternative application to this app is Leawo Blu-ray player; it is relatively lightweight with simple and stylistic interface. It can be set to automatic play DVD/BD content when detecting the disc. With this app, it is possible to customize the font size, style, colour and character set when it comes to the subtitles.

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