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SPlayer is an android app that makes it possible to watch and download videos on your smartphone. It has a simple interface that enables you to easily access all the features and tools. You can watch music videos, movies and series online and offline once you download them. 

Software description

All you have to do to access a video is to paste the video’s URL at the top of the screen and select the format you want to watch it in. To download videos using this app, click on the arrow below the video and choose the format you wish for the downloaded video.

Key Features

1. It has a Fast Forward Option

When watching a video on Splayer, you can fast forward, rewind and pause it whenever you want. This feature makes the app popular since you can pause the videos and resume the next time without much hustle. It’s also efficient when you want to fast-forward violent scenes.

2. Downloaded Videos are Saved in the Phone’s Memory

The downloaded videos are automatically saved in the phone’s memory; however, you can choose a different location. Once the videos are saved, you can watch them offline without internet access.

3. Video Playback

You can enjoy video playback with Splayer for free. Click the start/play button to watch the video and enjoy a cinema-like movie experience in your home theatre. It also includes audio and video equalizers and enables you to manipulate the language subtitles to deal with language barriers.

Advantages of Splayer

1. It’s Compatible with Most Video Formats

SPlayer is fully compatible with MP4, MPK, 3GP, 1080p and other popular video formats. You can choose the video format you want to watch or download the video in. It also lets you download HD videos and change them from low-quality format to high-quality.

2. Built-in Translation Service

Splayer has a built-in translation feature that lets you watch videos in foreign languages by reading the subtitles. To access the subtitles, go to settings and pick the language you want. It has over a hundred languages, making it suitable for global users and deaf people.

3. Supports Windows and Mac

You can install and use Splayer on both Windows and Mac devices. It supports both OS; on windows, you can download the app from the play store if you have an account.

4. You can Share and Transfer Downloaded Files

Once you’ve downloaded the videos and movies on your device, they are stored permanently on your memory, and you can transfer them to your other devices. This way you can, you don’t need to download and install the app on all your devices. You can also share the videos with friends and family offline through Bluetooth and Xender.

4. It’s Simple to Use

Splayer has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to navigate and run. The minimalistic interface does not interface with what you are playing on the app.

To watch a specific video, search for the video you want to watch on the search bar at the top of the screen, and it will show you the video and a bunch of other related videos. It also has a navigation bar at the bottom, making navigation much easier.

Final Take

If you love watching videos and movies, Splayer is free and supports 98% of all video formats. It allows you to preview videos and movies before watching at different time points. It’s also customizable; users can make it work better by changing the settings. To sum up, Splayer is a simple yet powerful video-streaming app and is more globalized since it supports various languages.

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