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SUMo is a software management tool that provides information about all installed programs. It helps the users in keeping their systems up to date by informing them about available updates. It is an efficient tool that can detect software products without any delay.








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Software description

We use our computers and devices to get things done. Currently, we perform tasks using applications. This type of software can be built-on or downloaded from a third-party website or vendor. Also, there are countless variations and types of applications available.

Typically, an individual has many applications installed on his computer. While there are some that we don’t open every day, they still need to be maintained. Developers push new changes to their applications through software updates. It is the act of getting a new version of the software without reinstalling it.

If you use multiple applications, it can be quite challenging to update them. The Windows OS’ way of updating programs isn’t as intuitive and convenient compared to mobile phones. On Windows, you need to manually check each application’s settings page or website to check if there’s a new update or not. While many apps notify users of new updates, some don’t. Updates are vital since they usually are shipped with bug fixes and new features. Indeed, you don’t want to miss them.

SUMo is a great tool to manage and make sure that your applications are up-to-date. It will periodically check for updates in the background, so you don’t have to put more work. It is capable of downloading new app versions automatically.

SUMo – Highlight features to watch out

  • Detects newly installed applications
  • Detects new applications updates
  • Automatic updates
  • Select what apps to update
  • Support downloading new versions from the developer’s website

SUMo – In-depth review of functionalities

Detects newly installed applications

If you install a new application, SUMo will automatically add it to its list. It will automatically scan applications for updates. Also, if you didn’t download a program from its original website or your computer’s marketplace, chances are, it’s not the latest version. SUMo will check for the version and identify if it’s the newest version or not. If not, then it will prompt you to download and install from either the app’s website or marketplace.

Detects new applications updates

It doesn’t matter if you have so many applications installed on your computer; SUMo will scan all of them. It runs lightly in the background, so the moment the developer pushes a new update, you will instantly receive a notification.

Automatic updates

After a new update is detected, you can manually install it or configure SUMo to execute automatically. You can set SUMo to only update on a specific day and time so you won’t be interrupted on your work or something else crucial if ever your computer isn’t that powerful.

Select what apps to update

You can select what apps you want SUMo to update and monitor. It is useful when you’re conserving internet bandwidth or prioritizing programs that you only use. On the other hand, you can deselect an application that you want to exclude for automatic updates.

Support downloading new versions from the developer’s website

Sometimes, you can only update some applications by downloading new versions through the developer’s website. Unlike servicing from the marketplace of your computer, fetching data from the app’s official website isn’t supported by other competing products.

Fortunately, SUMo is capable of identifying and installing updates from the vendor’s website. It only means that all your applications are guaranteed to be updated regularly.

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