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Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview.

Software description

Sweet Home 3D is an advanced interior design tool that allows your imagination to run wild without costing a penny. The program contains an expansive library of objects (furniture, doors and windows) for you to select from, as well as import your own designs in formats like OBJ, LWS or 3DS so it is easier than ever before to find exactly the pieces required for your project.

Soon after installing Sweet Home 3D, the first thing you’ll want to do is either create your plan from scratch or select one of the pre-made plans included with it. After creating or selecting one of these plans, drag furniture around rooms to see how they’ll appear from an aerial or virtual visitor’s perspective; Sweet Home 3D even calculates space requirements when doors or windows are added onto walls!

Change the color and texture of every object in your home to fit with your color scheme, especially curtains which you can customize according to their hue. Plus you can add photos from your own gallery as part of the catalog to personalize the room even further! While the program is free to use there’s a donation option which provides additional objects and customization features.

Sweet Home 3D only really suffers from having an outdated-looking interface, though this shouldn’t hinder your work flow too significantly. Otherwise, this program is very straightforward and even newcomers should quickly adapt.

Additionally, Sweet Home 3D is light on computer resources and should cause no problems on older machines. Give this program a try if you’re searching for an affordable alternative to more costly CAD applications!

There’s a good reason Sweet Home 3D has become one of the most sought-after free interior design programs – it boasts plenty of features that work smoothly, plus its availability across both Mac and Windows makes it convenient to access regardless of operating system choice.

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