TinyTask Download

TinyTask is a keyboard and mouse macro recorder. It is a free software autoclicker used to perform daily tasks like tedious file transfers.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

TinyTask is also popular with gamers who like Minecraft and Roblox. The software can also perform routine daily tasks and be designed as a standalone operation. To use, simply record mouse clicks and repeat them when necessary. The software is compatible with many operating systems and simple to use.


  • Files saved as .exe files
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Playback can be assigned to hot keys
  • Choose from three playback speeds
  • Recordings can be turned into standalone programs
  • Files can be saved in REC format on a PC’s harddrive
  • It is available in many different languages
  • Takes up minimal storage space
  • Very effective
  • Works with Windows operating systems XP and higher

Feature Highlights

Recording can be Played Infinitely

After recording the tiny task, you can repeat the task as many times as needed. Whether you’re repeating the task once, five times, or infinite times, it will perform the same way each time.

Portable Version Available

A portable version of Tiny Task is available. The portable version of the software can be carried around on a tiny flash drive.

Use TinyTask with Popular Games

TinyTask is popular with Minecraft and Roblox gamers. To use this software with games is to run the software as the administrator. It is easy to click and repeat tedious tasks that help the gamer from this standpoint.

Play TinyTask to Meet Your Needs

TinyTask will open in a separate window where users can determine when and how often the sequence will repeat. If you close the window, you can assign playback to certain keys using the hot key function. With hot key function, you hit a pre-determined button to initiate hot keys.