iMazing Download

iMazing is a great tool to manage the files and data on your Apple devices. Unlike iTunes and other similar software, it is versatile and offers more features. It does the basics but offers more. Try it out and buy it later.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

iMazing is a powerful solution for easy management of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. It lets you connect your gadget to computer and transfer documents, music, pictures, videos, contacts and messages for precaution against accidental data loss. It is a cross platform application available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Though it is a licensed product, but free trial is also available for limited period. Having an attractive user interface, it is not only easy to use but also contains variety of functions to perform advanced tasks. It is an efficient tool that can be easily installed but the process takes long time.

Secure Backup:

iMazing allows users to easily create backup of whole device and retrieve it quickly for recovering lost files. It captures a snapshot of device for maintaining backup and you can manually choose the destination where it should be saved. There is no need to connect your device via cable, as it can utilize Wi-Fi technology to send and receive data properly. In order to ensure that data is safe from the reach of intruders, it is encrypted before being transmitted to PC. It is a recommended choice for backup of Apple devices as it is extremely efficient and does not overwrite previous backups when new one is stored.

Music Management:

iMazing can be easily used for saving your favorite music and songs at a single place. All audio files can be transferred between iPhone, iPad or iPod to computer’s memory for compiling collection. Music libraries can be maintained and playlists can be created for playing your favorite songs in one go. Track names, metadata, rating and count of play can also be transferred with each song for benefit of user. AAC, MP3, AIFF and WAV audio formats are supported. You can connect multiple iOS devices at a time for music transfer and save time by sending chosen songs to all devices simultaneously.

Multimedia Transfer:

iMazing can be used as an alternative for iCloud and iTunes and lets you transfer data to and fro computer and Apple devices. Images and videos can be moved in a hassle-free way. You can record your most cherished memories in the form of multimedia files and keep them on most suitable devices. Drag and drop function simplifies the operations of import and export. It displays even the hidden albums and lets you delete unwanted content in no time.

Data Transfer:

iMazing is capable of dealing with all types of data including notes, messages, contact lists, apps, documents and iBooks. Important SMS, MMS and attachments can be moved when you want to save them on PC or a newly purchased device. iBook libraries can be synced to stay up to date with latest releases. Backup of File system can be made by transferring significant data to system memory.

iMazing is a multilingual application that was developed to transfer data from iPhone, Apple TV, iPod and iPad to computer and vice versa. It helps you create backup of device and lets you move multimedia files, documents, apps, contacts, books, iMessages and other useful data.