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Toolwiz Care is a comprehensive application that contains a large number of tools and improves system performance considerably.

Software description

Toolwiz Care is a software suite designed for the maintenance of computers. It enhances system performance by checking various aspects of the system and taking necessary actions. It is a free tool that can be either installed or executed in portable mode. It is available for Windows operating system in multiple languages. It occupies minimal space in system memory owing to its small size.

System Cleanup:
It runs a thorough scan on computer memory to find potential problems and resolves them quickly. It looks for invalid key entries in registry, performs disk checkup, removes useless data files and shortcuts, ensures privacy by removing history, cache, temporary files and sessions and maintains privacy by resolving issues related to cookies, task manager and file options.

System Speedup:
Toolwiz Care boosts the speed of system with the help of various tools. Fast Defrag offers reliable defragmentation of hard disk to make the process of file loading quicker. Startup Optimizer increases system start speed by optimizing all programs and Windows Services that start as soon as Windows is loaded. Startup Report is maintained to inform you about load time of OS. System Optimizer suggests items that can be optimized to improve performance, response time and stability.

Toolwiz Care helps you stay safe from malware and unwanted programs. Plugin manager scans PC to find installed plugins and lets you delete unwanted ones. IE Plugins, context menus and installed browser components are included in the search results. Using Network Manager, you can look for applications, browsers and services running on internet. Process Manager and Service Manager provide the lists of active processes and installed services and allow you to toggle their state.

App Manager:
App Manager provides the list of all installed programs and divides them into well-managed categories for their classification. You can find particular software via Search option and uninstall any of them. It also recommends certain security applications that can enhance protection.

The application consists of following tools:

Eyes Care:
Eyes Care Protection helps in giving a rest to your eyes. You can set a break time after particular intervals to force eye rest.

File Shredder:
It shreds files permanently to disable their recovery. Sensitive files are wiped multiple times from memory to ensure protection.

File Splitter:
It lets you split a file into multiple files or merge multiple files into a single object.

Disk Doctor:
It checks for errors in drives and provides thorough reports.

Duplicate File Finder:
It checks for duplicate files on the basis of extensions and formats. You can remove duplicate content to release memory.

Password Generator:
It provides strong passwords by combining letters, numbers, spaces and special characters.

Game TurboBoost:
It dedicates all resources for gaming by closing services, freeing RAM and improving processor performance.

File Encryption/Decryption:
File security is enhanced by encrypting them with a password. Decrypter unlocks encrypted files to understand content.

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