UltraViewer Download

The best free remote control support software. UltraViewer is perfect for website owners. Easily control the screen of your clients and employees for better customer service and technical support purposes. Simply install the software for free.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

UltraViewer is a free remote control support software. This operating system is perfect for website owners and companies that may need to provide more in-depth support to employees, clients, and customers alike. It is easy to use and install. It operates like a remote-control support file sharing and screen sharing management system like no other. Its easy-to-use interface, amenities, and abilities, make Ultraviewer one of the best remote control support freeware on the market. You can benefit from this freeware with the click of a button.

What is UltraViewer?

This operating system is remote control support software meant to assist website users and their owners. It can connect to two or more screens at once. Our operating system will allow the user to control the other in order to assist with things such as technical support, customer service, and more. This type of software is perfect for business owners and service providers who utilize a website to conduct business. This freeware is great for employee-to-employee usage, as well as for business-to-client purposes.


Our application comes with a myriad of beneficial and easy-to-use features. These features make customer service and employee support more streamlined and efficient.

Chat Window

During a remote support session, you and your partner will have a chat window open, where you can both communicate any concerns or directions. These chat windows work perfectly with the software display and will not get in the way of any actions you may need to complete for effective support.

File Sharing

File sharing is one of the most convenient features of this software. With remote file sharing, you can send and or receive files via the chat window. This will eliminate a lot of the hassle and further ensure the efficiency of this software.

Multi Computer

This software is multi-computer friendly. This means you can use our application for multiple computers. You can either share your screen with multiple devices or control the computer screens of multiple devices at once. This feature is perfect for those with a multitude of employees, or clients that need to be addressed at one time.

Safe Controls

Giving someone control over your device is not always safe, which is why we have included safe controls in our software in order to ensure your information and device are protected. With our system, the person in control of the screen will be in full view of their partner. Their partner will have the power to take control back at any point in time.

How Does UltraViewer Work?

To run the operating system, you will first need to use the UltraViewer download button to install it onto the computer. Your partner’s device will also need to have the application in order to work. To remote control someone’s computer, you will need to ask your computer partner to send you the ID and password that is displayed on their system. Use that ID and password in your system and then connect. If you would like to give someone remote control over your device, then you simply need to give them the password and ID on your program display.

Why Should you Choose Our Software?

The Ultraviewer has been brought to you by leaders in the technology field. DucFabulous Research & Development Science has created this program to help improve your quality of life, which will in turn improve the quality of your business. With over 40 million installations, online education, and free downloads, you cannot go wrong using our program to help make things operate more efficiently and seamlessly.