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UltraViewer is a powerful remote access software that enables users to get real-time visibility and control of computers around the world.

Software description

UltraViewer is an Enterprise remote support solution that enables efficient and secure communication with customers. This innovative tool allows users to connect directly and remote PCs, without making any changes to the firewall or proxy settings. UltraViewer is a simple and powerful application. It provides features such as live chat, file transfer, USB device sharing, cross-platform support (Mac/Windows), desktop recording etc. It offers AES256 bit encryption for ensuring complete security of confidential data transferred over the network. The built-in search engine helps in quickly finding machines online from any location, instantly connecting technicians with their customers. This makes it indispensable for customer service departments worldwide. Its intuitive design works across multiple platforms smoothly wherever internet connection is available. It saves time & effort related to installation & configuration processes.


UltraViewer is a leading remote support software with strong encryption features to provide secure sharing and protection of vital data. It uses 128-bit SSL encryption algorithm through TLS protocol for all online communications. It ensures that only the right parties can access the data. An Auto Generated code authentication feature ensures no unauthorized person can gain access to your confidential information. While AES 256 Bit Encryption assures that even if someone gets hold of encrypted packets and cannot decrypt it in any way possible. UltraViewer verifies sender’s identity with CCS Level Authentication via HTTPS communication channel at both ends to prevent spoofing attempts. To strengthen security protocols; two factor verification system requires you to enter an additional unique password sent on your registered email. It provides verified user identity before applying changes or establishing a connection.

File Transfer

UltraViewer is an innovative, user-friendly application that allows secure remote file transfer capabilities with its advanced features. Through UltraViewer’s unique peer-to-peer network structure, users can easily send large files securely and quickly. You don’t have to worry about going through additional processes such as FTP or emailing the files. Since it utilizes a direct connection between two computers at high speed. Moreover, users can experience lightning-fast speeds in both uploads and downloads. It makes the transfer of large files more efficient and faster than ever before. It also supports multiple concurrent transfers while configuring firewalls for hassle free connection setup even over public networks. Other great features include integrated security protocol enabling data integrity checks for safe file transmission. The real time notification on successful or failed files transfer ensuring dependable collaboration between peers from long distances.

Remote Desktop Control

Its features include multiple remote desktop connections, two-way audio communication, clipboard sharing for copy/paste functions between local and remote machines. UltraViewer is a Remote Desktop Control software solution that allows users to connect securely and quickly with other computers. It eliminates the need for manual setup. By using UltraViewer’s highly advanced encryption methods it ensures data security even when accessing sensitive information remotely. It also supports popular platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX and Linux distributions for secure access control on any device. Finally, it helps increase productivity by providing easy-to-use tools. It allows smooth communications over long distances in different locations or time zones making collaboration more efficient.

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