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Undelete Plus is an efficient application that helps you recover data that was lost by mistake. It saves you from the disastrous impacts of accidental mistakes. It is a simple tool that can be used by both beginners and professionals without any risk involved.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

Undelete Plus 2018 is a professional application that helps you recover data that was deleted by mistake. It saves you from data loss and efficiently performs recovery process from hard disk and attached storage devices in no time. It is a free tool available in digital market for Windows OS. It is a simple tool that simplifies the recovery task considerably. It can be easily installed on your systems through setup file and is compatible with all common file systems.

Undelete Plus makes it easier to perform desired tasks with the help of process wizards. The eSupport Wizard configures the software so that it can perform according to your requirements. It asks a few questions to adjust scan settings. It asks you about the reason why files were lost and types of files to recover. You can optimize scan performance for scan speed, quality or a balanced combination of both factors. Choose the drive you want to recover files from and perform smart scan or default scan as per the requirement.

The software ensures quality results via a number of filters. These filters enable users to specify the information about lost data in order to get accurate results. You can enter whole name or part of it, start and end date of last modification time period and its approximate size. You can hide temporary files and overwritten files as they are usually devoid of useful data.

You can modify settings for all types of scans. Default settings let you enable automatic update checking, sending bug reports to eSupport, EFs restore features, launching of wizard at program startup, keeping folder structure and FAT file system optimization. Moreover, you can disable scan popup on program exit, restore original file timestamps, check for file type or header information, recover UND file types and detect zero sized files.

Under DeepScan settings, you can enable the scan type, adjust speed of the scan, ignore current file system and enable the detection of existing files. Smart scan can be enabled along with existing file detection, but it is a slower process comparatively. It allows you to perform scan by choosing files on the basis of their categories or file types. Available file types include archives, images, MS Office documents, OpenOffice documents and portable document formats.

Drive Cleaning:
Undelete Plus works fine with all specified drives of hard disk space as well as unassigned and unallocated space. It lets you erase free space on selected drive and erase all data from the selected device securely.

Undelete Plus Features:
It performs scans at a brisk pace. It identifies all available drives and lets users carry out desired tasks. It is a customizable tool that can be modified by the users. With the help of various filters, they can get quality results within a brief time.