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360 videos have become latest trend in photography and provide virtual tour of any place to viewers. With the help of VideoStitch Studio, it is possible to merge videos or images for creating complete 360 videos. Various available effects and settings help you finalize your captured content and convert it into professional video.

Software description

VideoStitch Studio is a fast speed video post-production application which assists in finalizing movies. You can create full length movies by processing captured video clips. It can efficiently deal with 360 videos and uses panoramic shots for producing complete environment virtually. The software was competed after thorough research as it is difficult to compile various clips for producing real world environment and was launched for users in 2012. It is a paid tool that comes with a bunch of highly beneficial options. It was intended for professionals but beginners can get to learn it with tutorials.

Video Processing:
After required files are added to a project in VideoStitch Studio, you can start modifying them under Source, Output or Interactive sections. The software allows you to adjust yaw, pitch or roll effects for stabilization. Global orientation adjusts its position while exposure compensation helps you brighten or darken images on the basis of global or input selections. You can also replace frames with other videos to overwrite scenes that are not required. The edited videos can be previewed in real-time for verifying purpose and can be fast forwarded or slowed down for thorough observation.

It is capable of processing high quality videos at lightning fast speed. For this purpose it utilizes the graphics of system and thus consumes relatively large amount of system resources. It can combine multiple types of multimedia files and enables you to process them for quality enhancement. You can either add videos that are saved in your PC or connect cameras. Synchronization is performed to extract images or videos directly from supported cameras. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can immediately upload them on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

VideoStitch Studio software supports various formats of both video and image files. It is necessary to ensure that the images added to the project have JPEG, JPG or PNG extensions. For video and audio files, the supported formats are larger in number and include MP4, MOV, MPG, AVI, MKV, MP2, M4V, OGV, OGG, MPEG, 3GP and WMV. Since these videos are usually captured through set of multiple different cameras, so the software offers support for all major camera models.

There are various settings that should be modified to obtain desired results and these can be found under Process tab. You can optimize size of video, adjust its length and can choose whether whole video needs to be processed or just selected sequences. Encoding can be performed by choosing format, codec, Bitrate mode, Bitrate speed and GOP. Audio settings let you decide source of video, audio codec, Bitrate speed, Sample rate and channel layout. Furthermore, you can visit Preference menu for selecting appropriate GPU device and calibration tool.

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