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VinylStudio allows you to quickly create either one audio CD or multiple MP3 CDs containing 150 three-minute tracks each. Furthermore, VinylStudio exports CD track listings directly to most CD cover editors for easier editing – and allows most operations to be undone and redone for increased productivity and flexibility during work sessions.

Software description

When it comes to digitizing vinyl and tape recordings for playback on MP3 players or iTunes, using a dedicated digitising program is the easiest and best solution. VinylStudio takes all the major steps in the conversion process and stores them all as files – making CD burning and iPod copying much simpler, as they’ll show up correctly with their proper album/track details properly tagged as well.

VinylStudio was specifically created to handle all the steps involved with digitizing a record. First it checks that signals are getting through, which may not always be the case with older records. Next it performs an array of audio cleanup tasks that include clicks and hiss reduction, an often problematic aspect of old vinyl records. Next it defines trackbreaks with just a couple clicks so your album will be ready for MP3 conversion with proper track boundaries in just minutes!

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