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Win Toolkit offers several tools that can manage many functions to maintain your Windows OS or to create and customize WIM image files.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Win Toolkit is a simple tool designed to make Microsoft Windows installations easier. By automating some of the processes during the installation and by integrating new components such as updates, software, and drivers, Win Toolkit manages to reduce the time required for each installation significantly. With a simple interface and comprehensive tutorials, Win Toolkit can create ISO images for Windows installation or bootable USB drives that will save you a lot of time.


– ISO maker. Win Toolkit can create ISO files with Windows installation files that can be burned on DVDs. The ISO files are built using Windows installation files and can have additional addons and configurations included. The creation of ISO files can be done with the push of a button, at any stage while configuring the installation image.

– All-in-one integrator. Win Toolkit can create universal Windows installations that enable you to select which edition of Microsoft Windows you want to be installed during the installation, all using just one image file. You can use the same installation disk created with Win Toolkit to install the Home Edition or Professional Edition or any other edition of Microsoft Windows.

– USB boot drive creation. Win Toolkit can create ISO images for Windows installation disks or it can create bootable USB drives. The wizard can use any ISO image or folder containing Windows installation files and create a bootable USB drive. It can integrate drivers, unattended setup, add-ons, and software directly onto the USB installation.

– Addon maker. Win Toolkit can use installation files of third party software and convert them into addons that can be injected into the Windows installation images. The addons are installed automatically when Microsoft Windows is installed using the image. This feature makes it easier to automate the installation of various utilities that would otherwise need to be installed manually one by one.

– Driver installer. The driver installer feature enables Win Toolkit to insert driver files into the Windows installation image. You can add all the drives for your devices so that they would be installed automatically during a clean install of Windows.

– Unattended installation. Win Toolkit can be used to add unattended files. Unattended files allow you to fully configure the installation of the operating system by adding the license key so that it is filled in automatically, configure different settings or even select the default edition of the operating system so that no user input would be required during a fresh OS install.

– Component configuration. Win Toolkit can be used to enable or disable different Windows features. The features can be removed completely from the ISO image, allowing you to remove unwanted components and reduce the size of the installation image.

– Windows Update integration. Win Toolkit can be used to embed Windows updates directly into the installation ISO. By adding the updates into the ISO file, you will no longer need to download gigabytes of updates after the installation is complete to have your system updates. The updates are installed automatically and require no user input. Also, the updates are installed much faster since there is no need for update downloads and because they are integrated within the Windows installation files.