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Windows 10 ISO is the latest version of the Windows operating system. It was launched by Microsoft Inc. in July 2015 and is available for 32-bit as well as 64-bit operating systems. It facilitates home users as well as suitable for business users. The developers frequently release its updated versions to remove bugs and add new features. It’s a highly user-friendly OS that can make your work easier. It’s a licensed tool and you need to purchase the license for using it.

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Ever since Microsoft released Windows 95, the company has made personal computing easy for billions of people around the world. The UI made installing programs and games extremely easy. Gone were the days of having to navigate the world of DOS and its strings of seemingly indecipherable commands. More than two decades later, Windows 10 continues to make computing easy for people in the 2020s and beyond. It seamlessly integrates the Internet into its fabric – something that its earlier predecessor could only dream of.

Here are the main things that Windows 10 brings to the table for people who use it on a regular basis. They include:

The Start Menu

This had disappeared when Windows 8 came out, but people were clamoring for it to return to the home screen. Windows 10 has brought the Start Menu back. It acts as a focal spot for people to find programs that they have used in the past and also files that they downloaded. They can also control things like powering the computer on and putting it into hibernate or standby. There is also an option to look up things in a search bar for anything you want to find on the Internet. Finally, people can make the Start Menu take up the entire screen, so that people won’t have to locate the icons on the Desktop screen. It can act like its own UI.

Easier Multi-Tasking

Besides Cortana, it is just easier for people to find what programs are running and switch between them. In the past, people had to figure out what was what by looking at windows piled up on top of each other. That is not the case anymore – they can run multiple sets of windows as if it was on another monitor. Apple users might recognize this feature – they can do the same thing with Spaces on OS X.

Microsoft Edge

Yes, Internet Explorer is no more. Microsoft retired it from the wars against Firefox and Google Chrome. Instead, users can look up web pages on Microsoft Edge. There are things in it like the ability to use PDFs, read long articles in a better layout, and users can write notes on things and then share them with others. Cortana is embedded in here, so it can help people do things like issue a voice command to search for an email for something like the time of a reservation for a play or a flight.

Universal apps

There was a time when people had to download different apps for different devices, like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. That is not the case anymore. The code is basically the same for all of them, so everything can be retrieved through the cloud on the Microsoft OneDrive and then worked on. People can start a Word document and then continue it on a tablet or phone as they commute to work, for example.

These are just some of the things that make Windows 10 an excellent resource for all kinds of computer users. Other things include making it easier to find the cursor, the ability to “Snap” the apps and windows into neat rows, a Sandbox version for Pro and Enterprise users where it allows people to test out possibly malicious sites or apps without any worry about it actually affecting the computer, Linux compatibility, an Action Center that will keep users up to date with everything that is happening with the device, much like notifications on an iPhone.

While Windows 10 will eventually give way to Windows 11, it is still widely used by many people and businesses. There should still be robust support for it for many more years. Until then, people can enjoy the above features and have the best experience while using their computers.

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