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PowerShell is a command-line task automation system that is shipped with Microsoft Windows (starting with Windows 7 and above). It comes with its own scripting language that can perform a broad array of automation tasks. PowerShell greatly simplifies the work of a system administrator. With PowerShell, one can create a single script and deploy it simultaneously on hundreds of different machines.









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Software description

Windows PowerShell provides full-fledged remote access, meaning that the administrator can perform routine tasks from another machine. Generally, it can be used for three varieties of tasks: reporting, configuring and administration. Each task is deployed through its own custom script and can work in combination with numerous features supported by PowerShell. The technology has great support and is constantly improved by Microsoft. In short, the main features of PowerShell are:

  • Significant time savings
  • The default Microsoft standard
  • Complete support for .NET integration
  • Vastly superior to previous Windows solutions
  • Fully extensible with plugins
  • Support for background tasks
  • Great usability in general

Additional features

PowerShell can be used to manage cloud operations in combination with Azure (instead of Azure’s native portal interface). Its another powerful feature is automated account management. There is no need to create user accounts manually when you can deploy a script. PowerShell can not only create new user accounts in bulk, it can also merge existing accounts. The rich functionality of the scripting language is really helpful in that case. Account management includes complex features such as groups and listings. Windows PowerShell allows to create and upgrade groups and listings based on specific criteria.

Task automation in PowerShell can be streamlined and made significantly easier with its additional GUI called PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE). It’s a full-fledged graphic interface that gives you visual control of the full set of its features. Aside from running numerous commands, you can also execute test scripts. The testing capabilities of PowerShell are great for trying out new scripts before finally deploying them in a working environment PowerShell can also communicate with Windows processes and services, which is great for IT administrators.

One of the new features added to PowerShell is AWS Lambda integration. AWS Lambda is the most powerful serverless computing platform, the go-to place for many companies launching their web apps. With the new functionality, existing PowerShell scripts can be seamlessly deployed on AWS Lambda. PowerShell code can be used directly inside Azure serverless functions.

Windows PowerShell features a comprehensive backup management system. You can monitor errors in real time and restore old database states from your backup file. Thorough SQL audits are also possible, which allows for greater scalability and security on all levels.

Despite its predominantly enterprise features, Microsoft PowerShell is a very handy tool for everyday tasks too. It can be used to automate mundane routines and small actions performed on a regular basis. Just like in case with traditional scripting languages, such things as bulk uploads or scheduled clean-ups all can be automated with PowerShell. It’s a lean and pragmatic solution that optimizes your time and makes you job easier.

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