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YUMI stands for Your Universal Multi-boot Integrator. Mostly it is used by professional users but even new users do not find any difficulty in using its advanced yet easy to use functions. You can keep various types of software in your USB drive such as operating system, antivirus tool, diagnostic tools, disk cloning software and much more.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

The easy-to-use YUMI is a bootable flash drive that works via Linux distributions. The portable program can be run immediately after downloading and the user can determine which USB device to use it on. The installer was created 10 years ago with the latest version released last week. The software is very simple and effective. All the user has to do is just plug it in and follow the prompts.

What is New With the Universal USB Installer?

  • Additional option to create a Multiboot
  • A new way to refresh your drive
  • Window user profile fix
  • Updates to Lubuntu and Xubuntu
  • Added a Wipe option that will restore the flash drive. Additional updated amogOS link
  • Software now has the ability to run from older versions.
  • Settings show local drives and a checkpoint implementation.

Pros And Cons


Cost – The installer is free of charge

Speed – The transfer rates are super fast even though it does not require the internet. While certain factors can determine how fast information transfers, this installer is very quick.

Size – The size of the USB is very light and portable. It can be stored literally anywhere with convenience. This is the perfect solution for much heavier hard drives.

Compatibility – Nearly every type of operating system supports the USB installer. Whether you are using a desktop or a gaming platform, the identical port is used for functions.


Corruption – Since the installer can be used on many computers, it stands the risk of picking up malware. This can render them useless at a certain point.

Security threats – There is also the issue of security weakness via encryption. This can cause serious software threats and provide hackers with an easy way to compromise all of your data.

Risk of losing – Due to the size of this installer, it can be lost or stolen easily. It is important to keep it in a place where no one can get it.

Lifespan – The lifespan is not unlimited. After 100,000 cycles, it often fails.

Best Features

The UBS installer is very simple to use and install. Unlike similar systems, YUMI allows the user to continue to store information at all times. With this thumb drive, users have access to a full Linux system that can download, format, and install. You can also use shortcuts to swap Firefox and Chrome. Users will also be impressed by the super speed and reliability of the installer.


YUMI is extremely safe to use. Although it is free of malware, it is advisable to use only the original versions for an added layer of safety. Users should understand that alternative versions should not be downloaded due to safety risks. Your information can be compromised by hackers.


The Universal USB works best with the Windows OS. It is also supported by the following Linux distributions: Debian Live, Kali Linux, Fedora, CentOS Clonezill, Puppy Linux, and Damn Small Linux.

Users needing an installer that quickly and efficiently boots from a USB should check out the YUMI. The software is great if you’re looking for a speedy application that is free. It is safe and open source, and also allows the user to create a live bootable flash drive. The installer is also equipped with a formatting feature that frees up storage. It is also useful for setting up Windows.

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