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Zapya, the world’s top free cross platform file sharing tool. It is a revolutionary way of creating connection between two or more devices without connecting them to internet.

Software description

Zapya is an efficient, easy, and secure way to share files across multiple devices. Its smart phone app will use to quickly transfer photos, music and videos between phones without using mobile data. It allows for high-speed file transfers of up to 10 Mbps with full security encryption protocol. Zapya also supports multi lingual platforms with over 40 languages availability. It also provides support for Wide Area Networks (WAN).

It makes transferring really simple across multiple locations at once. Its absolutely safe security feature protects all your data from any virus threats that might occur while sending large volume files over complicated connections. With group sharing features, it is the perfect choice for ad-hoc file exchanges among friends & family. Zapya offers lightning speed transfer rates up to 200 Mbps. It supports for various operating system platforms like IOS , Android, Windows & Mac OS etc. It allows you to conveniently share files such as photos, music, videos and many more with wall-breaking transfer speeds.

QR Code Sharing

QR Code Sharing is an ultra fast and secure sharing feature of Zapya. It allows users to share files through a QR code without any connection or network. Just scan the QR code on both devices and begin the sharing. This makes it very simple for groups of friends, colleagues, family members to transfer large data without waiting time. Zapya supports multiple file formats including text documents, music files and images from sender to receiver without losing quality. Its speeds reduce boredom due to long waiting times while transferring / syncing data between two phones at high speed. Zoom meetings take place with participants easily joining by scanning the unique QR codes sent out ahead of time. Moreover, its non-networked approach offers increased privacy and security.

 Phone Replication

Phone replication feature of Zapya allows users to transfer contacts, text messages and multimedia content from one Android mobile to another. It is fast and secure way without requiring any USB cables or Internet connection. It uses a direct Wi-Fi connection between the two devices. This makes it very convenient for users if they need quick data sharing. This extra safe copy-with replacement functionality lets the user replicate all information on one phone’s memory onto the other. It ensures no personal records are at risk of loss or damage in the process. In addition, there’s also an offline file transfer system available through this app. It allows us to share media even when both phones don’t have internet access. It is perfect for long journeys or remote areas with poor network coverage.

Group Sharing

Zapya is the ultimate file sharing app that puts convenience, speed and storage capacity into a single package. It boasts of a Group Sharing feature built to revolutionize data transfer using group chats. You can send files up to 500 MB in one transmission to an unlimited number of users without internet connection. Also you need to create your own Chat Room directly from the Send & Receive tab under ‘Group Share’. You can invite members through QR Code scanning or by simply entering their phone numbers or email IDs. You can share any type of media including documents, images, audio and videos which include full movies. The Group Sharing feature also offer Smart Offline File Search technology. It allows users to search shared files easily in large groups according to file name and size.

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