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Zoom Player 14 is an advanced and feasible media player for only Windows operating system that supports large number of image, audio and video file formats. It is a fast media player that allows users to fully enjoy their music collections and other entertainment videos by availing features of this software. It provides sufficient options for both beginner and expert users to audios and videos in an innovative way.

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Software description

If you are looking for a media center that has been specifically developed for Windows PC, you should consider installing Zoom Player. This player is flexible depending on the kinds of files you want to play, and can be customized to meet your unique needs. It comes with a powerful ‘Smart Play’ technology which ensures that a variety of media files play without any problem. To use this player, you only need to focus on five simple keys; the up, down, left, right, and select buttons. It is this simplicity that makes it a good choice for everyone. What makes it even better is the fact that despite the simplicity, you can still enjoy full navigation, and utilize advanced user interfaces. You can now convert any PC into an amazing home entertainment center by using this software. Since it is fully scalable, you do not have to worry about new media formats and their updates.

Setup Installation:

The Setup Wizard asks you to agree with its terms of agreement and select its installation mode. The installation can be done in Standard mode for Windows Vista, XP and later versions with default settings, while Legacy mode supports Windows 95, 98 and ME. Then you need to choose its installation folder location and components. The components include shortcut icons, stream radio station database, codec packs and associations. After the desired settings are selected, you can install the software on your PC.

User Interface:

Zoom Player has a classical user interface. On starting it up for the first time, it asks you to choose its purpose. You can run it on desktop and laptop PCs, Home Theatre PC and tablet PCs. With its menu, you can open subtitle files or streaming links, deinterlace video, open interface of editor, adjust aspect ratio, apply filters, select stream and move to DVD mode. You can manage and open playlists. The playlist can be shuffled, looped and sorted. You can also disable its magnetic docking.

Media Mode:

Media mode supports full screen and restore modes. It is suitable when you are enjoying videos and images. You can use its main navigator, alter between tracks, open media from system memory or secondary storage and adjust color control for videos. Main Navigator includes options for media library, file browser, playlist, play history, GoTo time, stream selection, color control, information, bookmarks, equalizer, mouse wheel, media scanner, adjust image, station list, download manager and navigation style.

Audio Mode:

As the name suggests, this mode is used when you are enjoying music or audio and want the media player to occupy less space on screen. It allows you to easily play, stop or pause audio, move to previous or next track and chapter, create ringtone from running music file, adjust volume and open any files.


The trial version of Zoom Player can be used for 30 days with full access to all of its features. Its license can be purchased by paying $79.95. The lifetime upgrades are included in the package.

Supported Formats:

Zoom Player can support image files with formats of JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSP, PDD, BW, SCR, ICO, WIN, WMF etc. The supported audio file formats include MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA, OGG, OPUS, XM, MKA, CDA, OFR, TTA, WAV etc. It can execute videos with formats DVD, BluRay, MKV, FLV, MXF, GXF, MPG, 3GP, RA, DTS, AC3, MP4 etc. It also supports HTML, Flash or SWF and DVD interactive formats.

Zoom Player FREE is a powerful, versatile, customizable and fully functional multimedia player for Windows that features amazing and latest options for all users. It has fully integrated technology in its design, new look and ease of its use. You can actually enjoy two players in one with an easy to switch advance mode which allows any user of this software to actually get all that is wondrous in any player. This is an easy-to-customize media player featuring quick and simple functionality options that allows you to customize the multimedia player to anything you want it to look like. After you download Zoom Player , you can set all other features that you find necessary for use. This is an excellent free multi-format media player that will satisfy every user’s needs.

Features of Zoom Player FREE
User-Friendly Features

Exploring Zoom Player is easy and fast with latest navigation features that have been developed in the latest version. The latest design is firm and fast for any user to understand without complications. The full screen navigation features are best for easy and quick access through the 5-key system. You can easily access and navigate various interfaces with the 5-key system (up/down/left/right/select) which also allows you to comfortably enjoy this multimedia player without complex understanding of its features. You can easily find the media library, playlist or even the play history by using this accessible feature.

Improved Performance

There are many reasons you should trust and download Zoom Player. Contrary to other versions, the latest version features powerful and flexible features that allow the player to perform even better than it was there before. The Smart Play technology is a powerful integration that improves the performance and stability of the multimedia player. The improved audio and video decoders are even finer in improving the performance of the player. The player also features 10-Band Equalizer, which interestingly allows any user to explore and enjoy the multimedia player without any doubt on performance. It also comes with a graphic equalizer and a more powerful Playlist Manager which enables the player to function perfectly well as expected.

Flexible to Customize

It is very easy, flexible and quick to customize the multimedia player to suit each user’s needs. Actually, the best way to customize the skin and other customizable features ensures that you enjoy the player at your best. This is also supported by all other functionality options that ensure that you modify the player to the best of your taste. You can customize graphic user interface to enable the multimedia player offer you the best graphics and quality interface features. You can also customize the menus and the splash screens, operation modes and control options to offer the multimedia a genuine look for your use.


Before you download Zoom Player FREE,you must make sure that your system meets the requirements of this software so that it will install easily and comfortably as required. The best way to ensure this is to install the software and customize it to suit your system needs and your needs too. The installation process will not affect your system in any way and therefore effective than those other players that makes your system slow in one way or another. This is a multi-player that ensures that you get the best options to install and use on your system.

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