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ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is a professional Optical Character Recognition or OCR software that can convert your paper documents, scanned images of text and PDF files into documents that can be edited with the help of an editor. The generated results are often more than 90% accurate. The process of document reading is done in a short time and as soon as the process is finished you can use your text document for any purpose. It proves very helpful when you need to convert your paper documents into digital files.

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The ABBYY FineReader application can convert scanned images (PDFs and scans) into various other file formats (e.g. MS Word, Excel, HTML etc) by way of the core OCR (Optical Character Recognition). In addition to converting the formats, it will also make them searchable and completely editable. FineReader includes a desktop client which runs in the background to allow instant conversion, for example taking a screenshot of a webpage and instantly converting it to any format. FineReader has an unique ability at correcting recognition errors, so scans of bad quality documents (ie text on crumpled paper or documents with handwriting), the OCR software uses its high powered spell checker to gives its best guess of words it is unsure of, or gives the user a suggestion to which they can easily correct with a simple keystroke, or two or three keystrokes with other suggestions, FineReader supports approximately 190 different languages (in which 48 languages has dictionary support)