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Ace Utilities is a set of tools to optimize the operating system of your computer, and remove unwanted files and Internet records. Ace Utilities enables the user to find and remove invalid registry entries, history sites (Additional support for more than 100 external programs), as well as to manage browser cookies, and much more.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Ace Utilities is one of the world’s most popular solutions to optimize computers running Microsoft Windows systems. Combining a long list of features and optimization presets, Ace Utilities can boost computer performance with the push of a button.

Developed around a simple and intuitive interface, Ace Utilities uses a low amount of resources to perform a detailed system assessment and provide maintenance activities to fix problems with computer startup, duplicate files, registry errors, and disk health.


– Junk file cleaner. Ace Utilities uses an advanced system scanner to check all system folders and program folders to look for junk files that are no longer needed and take up disk space. With a simple click, it can free up disk space without harming the system.

– Registry cleaner. The registry cleaner performs a deep scan of the entire registry to find errors and entries that are no longer valid. It scans for traces of past programs that were installed and removed, invalid shortcuts, and errors. It allows for full backups of the entire registry to make it easy to restore it to a previous version and revert any changes with the push of a button.

– Safe disk wipe. Ace Utilities can help to permanently remove files from a disk or partition. It rewrites the entire disk to ensure that no files are recoverable and all your private information remains private.

– Start-up cleaner. To boost the performance of your computer, Ace Utilities can check your start-up programs and make recommendations of which programs can be stopped to help boost your computer start-up times.

– Duplicate file scan. Similar to the junk file cleaner, Ace Utilities can scan your entire disk to find duplicate files and folders. The advanced scanner ensures that your system is running safely by avoiding to delete essential system files. It can free up disk space and find old files and folders that may have been forgotten.

– Browser cleaner. The browser cleaner feature completely removes all your browsing history, cookies, and temporary files. It can help you completely wipe all traces that sites may leave on your computer.

– Disk analysis. The Ace Utilities can scan and analyze the health of your drive. It can check performance, file fragmentation, and overall performance, making suitable recommendations to ensure optimal system performance.

– Uninstall Manager. The Uninstall Manager that comes with Ace Utilities can help you safely uninstall programs. It scans for files and registry entries ensuring that no traces or broken shortcuts are left after an uninstallation.

– Windows restore point manager. Ace Utilities makes it much easier to manage your system backups. Acting as an extra layer on top of the Windows restores point backup system, Ace Utilities allows you to better manage your backups and restore your system to a previous state easier than ever.

– Easy to use interface. Ace Utilities was designed to be easy to use for both IT specialists and regular home users. Using simple wizards and easy to understand reports and statistics, it can help anyone improve the performance of their computer with just a few clicks.