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Adobe Air is an application creating and generating software. it can create apps for both computers and mobile systems. Adobe Inc. has built it simple to navigate with a nice looking interface. User can create different forms of applications that are compatible with Windows, iOS, blackberry, android, tablet OS and many more. The application created is always rich in internet connectivity to a wide range of devices since it combines the JavaScript, HTML, Adobe Flash and Flex technologies, and the ActionScript. Building 3D games is possible with the use of GPU rendering which lets you use the OpenGL and DirectX allows the programmer to use native extensions in the form of plug-ins which can be in any language for better creation of applications. Adobe Air is compatible with Mac OS and Windows Operating System. It’s available for download but you have to purchase to gain full access to all the features.

Software description

Adobe AIR is a cross-platform system run by Adobe Systems for the purpose of developing mobile and desktop applications. It is programmed using ActionScript, Adobe Animate and sometimes uses Apache Flex. It supports most installable applications on OS X, Windows, and among mobile operating systems, there’s iOS, Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS. Adobe AIR gives a platform to in between browsers and desktops. It combines the ease and reach of the development of web model, with functionality and richness of desktop model.

It is a runtime environment which allows coders working with Adobe Animate matter as well as Action Script 3.0 to create applications and video games which run as stand-alone apps.

Adobe AIR has been built on top of various web technologies. This enables web developers develop and deploy to the desktop using the same technology and models they use to this day to deploy applications to the web.

Adobe AIR makes use of a shared codebase with rendering engine of Flash Player and the primary coding language is ActionScript 3.0. For using the additional features which are provided, applications must be built for the software. These additional features include file system navigation, multi-torch, native client extension, and access to GPS devices and accelerometer.

You can create astonishing 2D and 3D games for iOS, Android and browser. AIR applications can use GPU for the purpose of hardware acceleration. For developing upon the functionality of 3D, many third party frameworks have been created, like Starling Framework. They are compatible with Adobe AIR and provide significant enhancements to the performance of AIR-published applications specifically for mobile devices.

You can also create different types of web applications using a number of programming languages like Javascript, HTML, Flex etc.

Adobe AIR gives a big set of APIs and close integration with desktop. This lets developers in building applications which make use of the fact that the applications are running on user’s desktop.

Once you install Adobe AIR, it is just a native application. This means that operating system as well as the users can interact with the app, the same way they do with other applications. The goal is that the user should be able to interact with the application the same way he interacts with other applications on the desktop.

Applications that are based on Adobe AIR can work within the permission given by the operating system only.

If you want to run Adobe AIR application, the application must be downloaded to the desktop. Compared to applications which run within a browser, it runs fundamentally, in a different type of security content. The security context is closer to that of native applications as compared to web applications.

Within the runtime, Adobe Flash Player and WebKit are included. They are integrated with one another on a low level. If Flash content includes HTML, it is rendered through the pipeline of Flash display. This means that whatever you do to a bitmap that is within the Flash Player, you also can do to HTML.

Low-level integration is also applicable to script engines, that are within Adobe AIR. This runs JavaScript and ActionScript.

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