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Conclusion paragraph: Adobe Character Animator is a powerful tool for creating 2D animations.

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Adobe has come a long way since its mega-popular releases, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Today, Adobe offers an array of creative software solutions and digital platforms that can help just about anyone bring their vision to life. For character designers, illustrators, and animators, Adobe Character Animator is one of the best places to get started.

Adobe Character Animator is an all-inclusive character animation solution and built-in studio for designers and illustrators alike. The character animator software was designed and released by Adobe, the same creators of Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Photoshop.

With the character animator, build your dream character from scratch using your preferred art style or an art style that is included with the many elements inside of the Adobe Character Animator’s own built-in library. For users who are interested in a bit of guidance, there’s no need to fret. Adobe’s Character Animator also includes plenty of premade puppet templates to help users brainstorm as they get into the creative mood to design a character of their own.

Once you have designed the character you have in mind, you can then begin animating it with the use of the software itself. Adobe Character Animator includes the ability to work with motion tracking and automatic recognition to ensure smooth animations and transitions with any type of creator you conjure up.

Although there are many different animation programs and software solutions on the market for beginners as well as advanced animators and designers, Adobe Character Animator should not be overlooked. Adobe’s Character Animator is not only suitable for beginners, but it also has impressive forward-thinking technologies that are not always available from alternative animators and software platforms. A few reasons why Adobe Character Animator is right for just about anyone interested in character animation include:

  • Beginners: Includes a basic starter mode as well as a guided walkthrough to help users integrate seamlessly into using the software and how to manage current projects.
  • Advanced users: Includes advanced technologies from facial tracking and motion tracking to auto-swap solutions for quick animations on-the-go or with just a few clicks.


Choosing the animation software or platform that is right for you can be challenging, especially if you are new to the process or unsure of where to begin. Understanding the benefits of a character animator can help you to determine whether or not the platform is right for you and your project’s animation and design needs. Some benefits of using Adobe’s Character Animator include:

  • Premade library of templates: Looking for a spark of inspiration? Unsure of where to begin with the design of your next character? Adobe’s Character Animator includes an array of pre-designed puppet templates to choose from to help you get started.
  • Export animations in minutes: Even if you are using the free version of Adobe’s Character Animator, all users have the ability to save and export their preferred animations within seconds and with just a few clicks.
  • Time-saving solution: If you are looking for a way to save time when generating gestures and using real-time face tracking, Adobe’s Character Animator has the robust solution you need from start to finish.
  • Free version: For those who are new to using Adobe products or are unsure about the character animator they need, it is possible to try Adobe’s Character Animator free of charge with Adobe’s all-free basic plan.


Before settling on a character animation studio or service that is right for you, be sure to take the time to review the features that are also included. Features that help Adobe’s Character Animator stand out are also ideal for any type of animator or designer, such as:

  • Starter mode: Starter mode is included to help guide users through the process of creating a character from start to finish. From recording facial movements and voiceovers to using Adobe Character Animator’s drag-and-drop studio for animation purposes, Starter Mode is a must-have for all new animators.
  • Quick exporting: Exporting animations has never been easier or faster. Animate directly on the H264 file and export animations with just a few clicks.
  • Motion Library: Included with the Character Animator is a motion library. This library contains a total of more than 350 body-character animations that can be easily inserted and incorporated into any animation you create using the platform with just a few clicks.
  • Lip Sync: Lip syncing abilities help bring any animated puppet to life on-screen and in real time.
  • Body tracker: Use body-tracking technologies to create puppets that truly feel and appear real.
  • Head and Body Turner Behavior: Switch between various groups and points of view to optimize how your puppet is viewed and animated from any angle.
  • Smart replays: Simplify the process of managing, viewing, and editing the replays you capture with each of your created puppets. Seamlessly access and manage areas of replays that require editing or updating to avoid wasting time.

Pricing and Plans

Finding the right character animation studio or software solution can be tricky when it comes to price, especially if you are unsure about purchasing products immediately or renting services on the cloud. With Adobe Character Animator, there is both a free and an ongoing paid premium subscription service available on the cloud for all types of users and animators.

Currently, the pricing and plans available for the Adobe Character Animator studio include:


Free plans provide users with the ability to get started with the design and animation of their characters within minutes. No experience is needed and all users can access basic features to create and export animations they design. Choose from an array of premade puppets, included with the free membership for the software. Use real-time face tracking and automated gestures to bring animations to life at no extra cost to you.

Creative Cloud All Apps

If you are interested in unlocking all of the premium features that Adobe’s Character Animator has to offer, consider the Creative Cloud All Apps subscription plan for $54.99 per month. The Creative Cloud All Apps subscription includes access to the premium version of Adobe Character Animator along with more than 20 official Adobe applications (from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign to Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Illustrator).

Whether you are new to character design and animation or if you have been illustrating characters your entire life, Adobe Character Animator has a solution for just about everyone. From using premade puppet templates to drum up inspiration to bringing your dream character to life with automatic body tracking and lip sync technologies, Adobe Character Animator delivers on all fronts.

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